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Denver vs Oakland/heated rivalry... Buckle Up and Get Ready for the Ride!

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    Good game guys


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      Originally posted by RaiderFanSD View Post
      Good game guys
      Nott for the Denver side, the Broncos played worse than a high school team tonight but anyway the Raiders look pretty damn serious so good luck in the race and even though it's crazy thing to say I'd rather see the AFC West represented in the Super Bowl then any other AFC team.

      Again good luck come playoff time, and if Denver by chance happens to miss the playoffs then I hope it's Oakland that knocks the Arrogant patriots Out with a season death blow.


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        Solid win for Oakland, who was - at least last night - the far superior team.

        A couple Broncos observations:
        - TS is showing improvement. I've commented several times in the past that he's going to get a receiver killed. Well, last night he did much better. He's still missing to many passes high, which will catch up with him.
        - the run D is obviously lacking. Wade needs to make some changes, which will likely take some of the teeth out of the pass D.

        A general NFL observation:
        - with the existing rules, it's almost impossible to be a pass defender.