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Denver vs Oakland/heated rivalry... Buckle Up and Get Ready for the Ride!

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  • Sam_Z
    Funny skit Ed. Anyway Jack Delrio is still up to no good with this style of defense He insist on employing. It's that same stupid defense that got him ran out of Denver.

    I'm not trying to talk smack here I'm just pointing out facts. I saw the game yesterday between Oakland and Tampa Bay. Now Tampa Bay is atrocious but they damn near beat Oakland yesterday because well anybody could be Jack Delrio's defense.

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  • EddieMac
    And for my twice annual post:

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  • Denver vs Oakland/heated rivalry... Buckle Up and Get Ready for the Ride!

    I know this is old news and most have heard all about it but u feel considering the circumstances, this has done more but fuel the rivalry between Denver and Oakland.

    You in Oakland, they talk about this story a lot in the media and use it as bait to fire up the fan base. They use it to make Elway look like the bad guy and Jdr the victim lol but lets not forget that jdr wasted a few years with this defense by not properly utilizing their talents and that is what set Elway off and as a good GM would do, he confronted his under achieving coach at the time.

    Also this is most likely the raiders last season in Oakland and those fans would like nothing more than to beat John Elway and the Broncos before their team moves.

    This is going to be a very emotional and hard fought game for all parties, even the fan bases so I tell you, let's bang heads and smack it up because this is gonna be one hell of a game!!!!

    Buckle up and get ready for the ride...!

    Recently a story came across my desk and I was very hesitant to publish it but now that I have confirmed with key sources I can. Jack Del Rio came very close to beating up John Elway. Yes that's right Del Rio was going to smash-up Elway's face. Why? Because Elway was upset Del Rio did not beat The Patriots when Del Rio was filling in for John Fox as Head coach. Elway's main beef was he thought Del Rio was pushing the defense too hard during the week which in return Elway thought the guys were worn out for the game.
    Later that week after Denver lost to Patriots Elway came in confronted Del Rio in front of some Denver staff members in the locker room, Elway started to yell in Del Rio's face and really berate Del Rio. Elway went on to say "This is not Jacksonville, this is Denver we don't accept this level of play here Jack" Del Rio was obviously not happy about this and charged Elway grabbing Elway by the collar of his suit and man handled Elway. Sources tell me that Del Rio was getting the better of Elway before Broncos staff (Elways guys) broke it up. Jack Del Rio was not going to just sit there and let John Elway berate him in this way which was like "A Grown man yelling at a 10-year-old boy" Elway was out of line but to Elways credit he did apologize to Del Rio but the damage was already done after that in Denver and ever since that little scuffle the two hated each other for Del Rio's remaining time in Denver. I can also confirm Elway did send Del Rio some sort of text when Jack Del Rio got the job of head coach with the Raiders, along the lines of "have fun in Oakland, can't wait to beat you twice a year.

    I have updated this story due to the terrible grammar that was in the original! For those who question this story I challenge you to ask Greg Pappa (Raiders radio broadcaster) about this report, I know he has heard this story as well and he even hinted at it on the radio.