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  • Some interesting stuff taking place in the AFC West:

    The Gruden contact, at first glance, seems like a slam dunk for the Raiders. But, the track record of coaches coming back after an extended hiatus from the NFL is pretty bad. And, 10 years/$100 mil? Granted, coach's salaries in the NFL are just funny money - and Davis should have plenty of money with their upcoming move to Las Vegas - but that's a reach.

    As for KC - I wonder if C Hunt is 2nd guessing that extension he gave Andy Reid this past summer? Talk about an overrated coach. Yes, he's had some big wins - but he's also been a train wreck in the post season. Losing last night was nothing short of unforgivable.

    The Chargers are the Chargers - but maybe next season is the year they turn the AFC West upside down.

    Denver - who knows. Maybe JE finds finds the Midas touch, but not sure I'd hold my breath if I were a Broncos fan. I'm guessing they'll improve next year - but won't be enough to sniff the post season.

    Amazing how quickly things change in the NFL. The AFC, a projected powerhouse in the preseason, now looks like one of the weaker divisions in the league. Perhaps the ship will be righted by next year, but I think there's an equal chance of underachievement.