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Eli manning benched you say? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    Originally posted by Joshua2585
    I think the order of Best QBs from that draft go:

    1. Big Ben
    2. Philip Rivers
    3. Eli Manning

    If they retired all at the same time, who is most likely to get a 1st ballot HoF

    1. Eli Manning
    2. Big Ben
    3. Philip Rivers

    I love Philip. I think he's awesome and it's definitely debatable between who is better between Ben and Philip, however Championships will ALWAYS come into play. I definitely think Philip will be in the HoF one day... but he's not a 1st ballot.
    this is a fair argument but i don't agree that eli will be first ballot and if he does it's because of his name. rivers still has a chance to get it done, he has the best team around him that he has had in years and if he doesn't have any more playoff success then him not getting in for a long time might be warranted.


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      You're right about the Manning name. I think that is a big contributor to him becoming a 1st ballot. The 2 championships and the 2 NFL MVPs add to his case, along with his impressive playoff numbers. For some reason he is a terrible regular season QB, but if he makes it to the playoffs, he switches to a totally different gear.


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        yeah....eli is great! dude has two good receivers, a good TE, a good RB.....weapons all around and he only has 4 TD's in 4 games and a 1-3 record?

        the only time eli has ever been good is when he was carried in the playoffs by a dominant defense. if he makes it to the HOF he will be by far the worst HOF QB.


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          they need to bench eli again, dude is terrible. lol @ the clowns that think eli is better than Rivers.

          weapons all around him and he still sucks.


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