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Chargers' TV ratings in San Diego decline in 2017

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    Originally posted by Rastic View Post
    You know he'll blame arapaho and Beagle for something in 3... 2... 1...
    arapaho and beagle have been beat down so badly in smack to the point that it's no fun anymore.


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      now to get on topic.....the fans in southern California in general are pathetic, maybe the worst sports fans in the country, i personally cannot think of any worse as a whole.

      san diego fans in particlular didn't support their team when they were there. they had a chance to keep their team, with a great deal that was better than most stadium deals. they basically said unless it's a free stadium bought and paid for entirely buy the NFL, then we don't want the chargers there anymore.

      it's not like that vote was close either, fans in san diego made it quite clear that they don't care. yet when the chargers did move now all of a sudden they were betrayed by spanos? seriously?

      never mind the fact that the mayor of san diego and other local politicians campaigned against the chargers stadium plan, because some "hoteliers" didn't want them to move in down town and lobbied against them.

      i said this before and i will say it again.......san diego doesn't deserve any major sports franchise and i hope they never get one again because they don't deserve it. san diego is still a great city corrupt local government aside but its easily the worst sports town in the country.

      by the way, lots of broncos fans live in that part of the country but i'm sure none of you are the front running bandwagon fans, are you?


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        Originally posted by arapaho View Post
        haven't i beat you down enough? why do you keep showing your face around here asking for more? at least beagle is smart enough to know when the battle is lost.

        just one example of pure ownership but just for good measure, do you still believe rivers isnt the best QB in the division? or is it still carr according tom you?

        seriously, if anyone wants insight on QB's just listen to what arapaho has to say on the subject and believe the opposite