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Garbage chargers Unwatchable - According to NFL schedule makers

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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    nobody wants the chargers yet they still are worth 2.27 billion, up from 2.08 billion in 2016 their last year in San Diego. they clearly lost fans yet are worth more to play in a city that doesn't want them.....this is what some of you will never understand.

    oh and again, half the teams making the most money are among the worst in the NFL right now, this is a fact.

    lastly, my huskers have been selling out since 1962, an NCAA record. yet the product on the field has been mostly trash for the last 15+ years. past championships and fan support doesn't make your team better currently, any fan that thinks that is delusional.

    which is why i call you guys delusional all the time because so many of you think that way
    Your right, what makes Denver better is tjhat they have the 4th most wins in the NFL since 1970, a winning record in the postseason 23-19 ( Chargers 11-17 ) and 3 Super Bowl title’s. And a fan base who has sold out the stadium and not the team which is why the Broncos are still in Denver and not LA.