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Donkos "Dumb Down" their offense for their incompetent QB's

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    Originally posted by Salutethis View Post
    The only thing I thought after seeing this is, hah, Baph I gonna have to cry himself to sleep tonight... lovely!
    nah, the chargers are still in position to make a run at the playoffs. i gotta believe that is the sloppiest game they are going to play all year in terms of penalties. to me that last dumb play call before the charges punted it back to the broncos straight up lost them the game, that was pretty dumb.

    it was like lynn felt bad for his friend VJ and figured he give him a win since he didn't need one as much, what a frined!


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      Originally posted by baphamet View Post
      i'm fired up lol
      So am I, I was expecting somewhat of a chargers blowout and perhaps seeing VJ dissmissed tomorrow.

      However like I stated earlier in the week, this Broncos defense is better than their record suggests.

      Even Yiadom and even though that Johnlinderburger guy says I don’t watch the games. just because Yiadom hasn’t played much doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen him play.

      Anyway a win like this against a strong rival poses a huge positive and a sense of hope for Denver’s veterans especially with the possibility of Gary returning.


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        Ok fact is in and its not fake news. Denver Sucks


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          Originally posted by Oxygen Bandit View Post
          Ok fact is in and its not fake news. Denver Sucks
          Cool story random stranger or bo jangles