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  • Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    we are talking about scouts that watch every single snap from every single player in every single game played. you on the other hand simply go to and look up a players playoff record, that's it. it's not the same as college scouts who are scouting potential future NFL players, we are talking about guys watching NFL players play and giving them a grade based on their performance in an NFL game.

    tell me, if simply looking at playoff record is the best method, then why do multiple NFL teams pay for and use PFF's data? why not just hire you to look up playoff record of players? you could make a fortune!!!!
    No I watch football Baphs . The Super Bowl is every teams goal. And the playoffs are how one gets there. I’ve never said Mark Sanchez, Stan Humphries, or Case Keenum are great QBs. But they all at least for one season have played their best to help there teams win, and go far in the playoffs.
    John Elway and Manning both had to step back and play a role that best suited their teams resulting in rings. Brady and Montana both did it early in their careers.

    For you to say Stan Humphries has nothing to do with the Chargers only AFC Championship shows your low Football IQ.
    4th qrt go ahead td passes in the divisional and championship games in their AFC Championship season.
    Get a clue!!!!

    Phillip Rivers has consistently put up good numbers every year but if it’s not resulting in wins, who cares.
    Manning and Marino both put up ridiculous stats in their careers, but those numbers resulted in little postseason success. The years Manning won his defense played a huge part.
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