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When you run your mouth all offseason

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  • Originally posted by arapaho
    you are wrong and you know it...

    does it state a one trick pony...that all he can do is rush the passer? yes or no

    doesn't sound like a one trick pony to about you

    seems to be more than a one trick pony huh

    your wrong and you know up an move on...your insessive whining about it is getting old

    you said it, you were wrong, end of story
    you are hilarious man!

    none of that you bolded says he has developed good coverage and skills or against the run. here i will post a quote from that same exact article.

    Very small frame
    Gets overwhelmed at point of attack
    Weak versus the run
    Hand use could improve
    Needs to add strength
    Strictly a 3-4 outside linebacker

    Summary: Von Miller doesn't have the size you look for, but he gets the most out of his abilities and has an extremely high level of athleticism. With the 3-4 scheme in the NFL now, you don't need to be 6-4, 255 pounds to play outside linebacker. All you need is a great first step and elite speed, and Miller brings both to the table. I have a first-round grade on Miller going into the season and I expect him to have a big senior year and end up being a first-round pick.

    Player Comparison: Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil and Miller are both undersized, but they are tremendously athletic and wreak havoc on quarterbacks at the rush linebacker position.
    what do you think it means when they projected von as strictly a 3-4 OLB? if he was already refined as a LB he would have been considered for the 4-3 as well, which he could indeed play now.

    this is sad man, the lengths you will go to try and save face, just so you don't have to admit being wrong, pathetic really.
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    • Originally posted by arapaho
      didn't you start a thread before the draft stating the broncos should draft cam newton? ya
      yeah as a joke because you had tebow. instead of speculating, why don't you show me a post where i smacked elway for picking von miller?


      • Originally posted by Butler By'Note

        I'm calling it right now, the Browns beat the Chargers on October 14, barring any catastrophic injuries beforehand.

        Taking it a step further, I think there's a better chance the Chargers are 2-5 at their bye week than they are 5-2.
        where you at bud? do you still believe this?


        • Originally posted by baphamet
          this thread is going to be amazing later in the season!

          you guys are acting like this thing is over after one game, because you barely beat a bad team and the chargers had the worst game they possibly could against a good team, just like opening day last year only worse.
          yep! already getting good!


          • It's moments like these that I'd rather rather root for a perpetually average team than one that has a rich history of winning championships...

            Wait, no it isn't.