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    Originally posted by Boltzfan88
    Lmao how is the Raiders fan base gonna call out the Chargers fanbase?
    Because it's true. There are two debates the Charger fan can't win, Superbowl talk and fan base talk. The more you try, the dumber you look, like so...

    Originally posted by Boltzfan88
    The Raiders having such poor fan attendance is the reason that team is being moved to freaking Las Vegas of all places.
    In 2013, the Raiders had 30,000 season-ticket holders. Currently, 50,000 season tickets have been sold for 2016, in a stadium that holds roughly 53,000.

    This was a year before Las Vegas was approved. You didn't even mention the A's lease with the stadium. Come back with facts next time, on time. Before the game not after.

    Originally posted by Boltzfan88
    Dean Spanos is an idiot but if there is another owner in sports who I can say is at least as incompetent as him, it would be Mark Davis.
    Nah, Mark has owned the Raiders for a mere 7 years, so his tenure is still being defined and the Gruden era is only 5 games in. Dean is going on a quarter century of failure. He had his chances though. Plus, Mark Davis is broke compared to Dean with less resources. Spanos wins this one.

    Originally posted by Boltzfan88
    The Raiders offensive #s are extremely flawed due to garbage time scoring. As we saw today, their offense is overrated and not very good.
    As you saw in your quote, which you probably saw BEFORE the game but were too afraid to comment on until the results came in, that the Raiders were most importantly 13th in scoring vs. their #3 rank in offense, so I know the offense isn't what the ranking should show. But again you don't know what you're talking about. In the first three games, the Raiders led at halftime and scored only three 4th quarter points. Where is this garbage time offense you're talking about?

    Originally posted by Boltzfan88
    That team is going no where with Derek Carr at QB and their ridiculous contract they gave him.
    Probably not if he continues to make costly errors, I'll give you that obvious point.

    Oh and welcome to the thread.