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Joseph: Oh Gosh...what happened!

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  • baphamet

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  • Hadez
    Considering the offensive game plan, play designs and play calls almost always play to our weakness instead of our strengths....and the players we have on the OL....I personally think our OL coaching has done an ok job this year.

    20th in rush attempts yet we are

    3rd in rush yards per attempt
    3rd in rush TDs
    9th in rush yards a game

    but what does our mastermind OC do?

    Pass the ball when we are bottom ten in yards per pass play

    Our HC does not help thinking we HAVE to pass to score.

    Multiple times this year the game has been within 1 score yet we have twice as many pass plays to run plays up until that point in the game.

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  • whynot162
    it would be nice at this point to have a team that wins, and is fun to watch. must be the worst team in the league right now.

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  • Dr Philip Jay
    started a topic Joseph: Oh Gosh...what happened!

    Joseph: Oh Gosh...what happened!

    Can't believe the coaches of the offensive line can't teach the 300 lbers to stand up their opposing defensive linemen and in a running play...push them opposite the run! On pass plays...the offensive line is awful...never giving Case any time to move the ball down field! Elway siting and chewing on his seeds was a great quarterback and has a good feel for what is hungry tested offensive line who can provide amble pass protection and a great running game with Lindsay and go beyond the pass offense. Additionally, we have an offensive coordinator in Musgrave who might have been great years ago,,but I think most defensive coordinators who watch the films..laugh at his very conservative, "used before' passing plays" and focus on the inept offensive line. Now we wait for the two 28 or 34 year old ladies who want to own and run the team and enjoy the big dollars they and their spouses will enjoy...and Bill Bowlen who wants to be like his brother was to the team: a better voice than the ladies/girls.
    I'm beginning t think the team should be up for sale and the Bowlens' can enjoy the $1.7 to $2.4 billion to share amongst the family and give the new owners a team who, with the talent they have ..if they were better coached in all phases...can be great competitive team again.!
    Better than every time the other team scores against the Broncos...Vance Joseph exclaims, " "Oh...what happened..Oh gosh! Gee whiz!! Did they score again?" Oh golly...what do we do now?"....and looks down to his communication device every 5 minutes.....and then realizes he play is over...and the 4th quarter has just ended.....
    Yes, perhaps Joseph should be reunited with Marv Lewis and the Bengals' owners ...where they can all console each other while watching someone steal their popcorn.
    Maybe we can be lucky and grab an offensive coordinator for a 10 and 6 or 12 a 4 team and a solid defensive coordinator like we once had in Wade Phillips who tried t teach Joe Woods who obviously forgot what he was taught...and rebuild a championship, Superbowl team like we once were... before we who are 75 plus run out of time waiting ...