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NFL Network's 100 All-time Team TE...No Sharpe & No Gates...WHAT A JOKE!!!

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    Originally posted by jazzbodog View Post
    There you go again completely missing the point. Your previous statements prove you cannot be openly objective regarding anything remotely negative about the Patriots. Everyone knows, in your mind, the Patriots / Staff cannot do anything wrong and if it appears they may have, you minimize it and blow it off as unwarranted or extremely trivial. Like jaywalking or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. I'll speak for myself but if the truth were known, there are many that would agree with me in that, as soon as I see a post starting with QUOTE=TommyBrady12, I assume it will be stinking cow pie nonsense from a self righteous Pansy fan that will say anything to proclaim unrealistic greatness for a clan of classless cheaters.
    He won't understand your analogy regarding Patsie violations and breaking the law....he's already shown us, that kind of higher brain-power is beyond his abilities.


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      Originally posted by mct1967 View Post
      He won't understand your analogy regarding Patsie violations and breaking the law....he's already shown us, that kind of higher brain-power is beyond his abilities.
      So true! In his case "brain power" is an oxymoron.

      Like "pretty ugly", "freezer burn", "inside out", "half dead", "full price discount", "genuine imitation", "active reserves".......
      Utah Bronco Freak


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        Originally posted by mct1967 View Post
        Those guys who do the voting at NFL Network for this 100 All-Time Team are biased fools! They've gotten a lot of flack for focusing too much on 20th century players and ignoring 21st century players and the TE list is even MORE RIDICULOUS!!!

        Tony Gonzalez....of course....#1 in just about all categories.

        Gronk.....short career, missed a lot of games with injuries....but unstoppable force.

        John Mackey....hmmmmmm....old school domination....maybe, but I say NO. Should be Shannon Sharpe. Shannon had much, much better numbers.

        Kellen Winslow....ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Look at his numbers and rankings. Doesn't even belong in a Top 10 list. Should've been Antonio Gates.

        Mike Ditka.....ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Weak, weak numbers. Should've been Ozzie Newsome.

        What's funny is fans voted on the after-show just like my list. The old geezers voting on this 100 All-time team are getting way too caught up in the guys they used to watch, long ago. The voting panel needs some newer blood.
        I lived in Chicago and Mike Ditka is viewed similarly to how we Broncos fans view Shanon Sharp.

        Not only was Mike Ditka a fantastic catcher but also a superior blocker.

        Kellen Winslow was also a solid blocker who lined up at WR too.

        That narrows it down to John Mackey vs Shannon Sharpe.

        I would give the final slot to John Mackey, because there is literarly a college award named after him presented annually to college football's most outstanding tight end, The John Mackey Award.

        Nice try, but
        I think the list is solid.


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          Originally posted by Spice 1 View Post
          Now you know why we hated Heath Evans. McGinest isn't much better.
          Exactly! How often did Evans talk about Brady on tv using his first name, as in Tommy? Tommy this Tommy that. Unprofessional, for more than just that reason. Willie tries harder, but he has a Pats jersey under his white shirt.


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            No smack here,

            But this is a good read for anyone wanting to read up on Ozzie Newsome (I knew he as a former player/current owner but that was it) and I'm also a fan of the name ozzie

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              Nothing earth shattering about the WRs, but IMO there is Jerry Rice and Randy Moss...... and everybody else lagging significantly behind.

              I don’t see any other position with such a separation between the best and the rest.