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49ers vs Chefs Super Bowl

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    Originally posted by duhyaj View Post
    I absolutely HATE the 49ers. I hate that Joe Montana is railed as one of the greatest when he literally had the best team a guy could have around him for 12 years and only won 4 super bowls
    That's what drives me crazy about all the Montana worship and why I'll always consider him the most overrated QB of the SB era. He had amazing stats and success because he'd throw a 5 yd slant to Jerry Rice or John Taylor - or a backfield swing pass to Wendell Tyler or Roger Craig - and they'd turn it into a 90 yd TD pass. Put Elway on that team with Bill Walsh as HC and he would have won 5+ SB's between '85 and '95 easy

    Go Chiefs...ugh, still makes me queasy but I guess I'll have to get used to it over the next few days
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      Adopted player Lindsey


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        Joe Woods was a pretty fantastic secondary coach during his time in Denver both under Wade and under Vance Joseph.

        Love him or hate him, he did put up a pretty good fight against Pat Mahomes.
        This time around he has a Shanahan calling the offense!

        I’m taking the niners over the chefs!!!

        Just to make it interesting, Who wants to CP bet?


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          Originally posted by Saddletramp View Post
          Sorry we ruined it for you guys for so many years, but maybe the Super Bowl will be more fun this time around
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            I am happy that Emmanuel has a chance for another ring.
            Sanders ALWAYS put his body out for the Broncos.
            He would fly horizontally to make a grab knowing that
            he was going to take a hard hit by several defenders.

            Emmanuel Sanders gave the Broncos his best and I'm
            wishing the best for him. I'm glad he got to a playoff team.

            Besides the fact KC is a division rival, I'm pulling for the
            9ers so Emmanuel Sanders can earn another ring.

            GO NINERS !!!


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              I got the 49ers...!

              Who wants to cp bet?

              Arapaho? Spawn? Where ya at?
              I would ask obi Groo but his CPs are worth what -1point!

              Sorry I couldn’t resist!
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                Originally posted by AZ Snake Fan View Post

                GO NINERS !!!
                This man knows what's up! :thumb:
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                  Originally posted by BroncosDivision View Post
                  This man knows what's up! :thumb:
                  If I’m Kyle Shanahan, I mysteriously have KFC catered to the Chefs sideline during the 2nd qt on super bowl Sunday