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Kansas City Chiefs=Easiest schedule in the league.

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    I agree...sort of

    No doubt it has been a long time since KC has been to the big dance. Its hard for a long standing die hard fan like me to understand how we can be in two of the first 4 Super Bowls and never get back there. Lamar Hunt is a great owner and a class guy...he deserves better. In Vermeil we have something that we haven't had since those old Stram days...a Super Bowl winning coach. Surely its no fluke that he comes in and now KC has obtained the kind of success never seen by this franchise.

    It is the coaching and the scheme that will make the difference this time around. Who can get excited about Martyball? The premise is get a 10 point lead early by pounding the ball between the tackles every 5 out of 6 plays, let your defense take over and hold on for the win. Obviously since last year with Vermeil we have learned how to score. Those two AFC championship games we lost in 95 & 97 were characterized by the old philosophy and scoring was very low.

    So dismiss it it scheduling. This year has the feel of something special. I'm not talking about 16-0. That's a pipedream I choose not to entertain. I do believe the big dance is calling and the Chiefs have just enough to get them there.


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