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    Where to begin ...

    Originally posted by goodluv4Broncos
    RC well I have to say this but everyone should be an expert in their field seldom seen is a jack of all trades, tell me pray do are you an expert in F-Ball dam cause if you are home girl then maybe I can take some lessons from you <NOT> 1st TG is not quite the QB you'd think he was all around the W. W. O. FB, no mention of his name and if is it's not much to talk about, and DH only time he performs well is when he gets the teams most infamous blocks ie chop, hand,face oh well who could get the accomplishments with that kind of help.Damyam. I'm not a player and only I dream I could be. They're not ready for my type of science geezus I wish they were, I could be the best in any league the guys, on the team would run for me, and catch but most of all they wouldn't let an oppossing team lay a hand on me. I'd also like to say RC list your expertise next time, and don't forget to mention about your honorable team players remember how they start sneaky on the field, like little kids, point hands,cause disruption, my what we put up with. I guess though all is fair in love and war huh? I know for sure no one can serve two Mamouths.........oops did I say that?

    I'm not sure where that came from and further, I don't know why your venom is directed at me. But for now, all I will say is BC had said he was a man of science, and I just asked what his field was. I certainly meant no disrespect to his opinions on football even though I may disagree at times. If nothing else, they're well thought out.

    I certainly did not mean to imply that I was an expert in football, but if you would like sometime to discuss the X's & O's, I would be more than happy to discuss them in an intelligent manner.
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      [QUOTE]Originally posted by goodluv4Broncos
      [. I'm not a player and only I dream I could be...

      That's pretty obvious by your post here!!! You said absolutely nothing that shows "YOUR" football knowledge!!!

      GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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        Looks like the 72 fins are once again drunk as skunks


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          Originally posted by cheapseats
          I think the NFL is smart enough to realize that if they are fixing games, that it could ruin the league's integrity and possibly their whole source of revenue. You state that the primary reason to fix games is for money, yet if it doesn't work then they lose all of their money.

          What is the risk/reward for the NFL to make the Chiefs 9-0? The Chiefs have an amazing attendance record dating back through the 90's, and they are still doing well. Now for the risk... the NFL would probably have to fold, restructure, get the government involved, there would be federal investigations, Vegas would be beating on people..... All of this just to sell a couple of extra Dante Hall jerseys?

          Do you realize how many people would have to be in on the 'fix' to make this work? Eventually the word would get out and the NFL would lose everything.
          Its against the law to fix games.
          John 11: 25-27

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