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Replace Orange Colored Glasses with Tailgate

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    I thought xX had a really good idea here ...

    I think it would be good to have a forum all about Denver...

    wht to do once there Hotel,Bars,Parking,travel questions about the game and watching the team..We see each year fans asking questions about the home games and where to watch the game..


    It would be nice for them to have a easy refence point sorta link an online guide to the area and the Broncos representing ...

    I think it would also be nice to tie in Broncos Merchandise to sell and or drool over ....
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      Originally posted by Alastor View Post
      This discussion has come up before.

      My only response is the same as my other response: Show us it will be used.

      Do a couple of tailgate threads that generate some interest and see if it merits a forum adaptation first.

      Neither I, nor any of the other mods, are going to just go changing forums around or asking to change forums around without a good reason.

      If you want a forum adapted/changed/added there needs to be a reason. Substantiate that there's a use for this here and we'll go from there.

      Others, myself included, have attempted to organize get-togethers a number of times. Training camp multiple times, the San Fran game multiple times (there's a thread in the locker room as well), and several other attempts have been made. It was met with... "Little interest."

      It's a wonderful idea, but in reality it is not producing results and isn't being used. We're not (or at least I'm not) going to ask to create a forum for something that doesn't serve a purpose.

      If you want a tailgate section, substantiate that it would be used. Then we'll go from there. Making repeated threads asking for one to be added without substantiating that it has a purpose though, isn't going to get us anywhere.

      Believe me, if it has legs and is worth it, I'll be the most vocal supporter you guys have. Right now however, I have nothing upon which to make my case on your behalf despite even my own repeated efforts to initiate something of this nature.

      "The proof is in the pudding."

      Bring us some pudding, please.

      Its hard to show that it will get used if you don't add the forum.
      Starting 1 or 2 thread about a tailgate in the GD forum is different then having a forum specifically for tailgates. Because not everyone reads every thread in GD plus threads get washed away pretty fast.

      I like the idea of a tail gate forum and on other Bronco sites where they have them, it gets used a lot.

      So I say we should have like a 1 month trial. Create a tail gate forum and see how much it gets used in that month span and decide on whether we should keep it or not.

      Thats just my 2 cents and the best way to do it IMO.


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        Want to bump this because there are lot's of these kinds of threads in the GD section now.