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  • New Contributor Status System is LIVE


    Thanks very much for your patience while we developed the new features of the board. We know you've been waiting patiently while we got ready to unveil the new tools for the community.

    We have now installed a contributor status feature onto the boards. This is your opportunity to decide as a community who has given to the community through their posts, their longevity, through making sigs for members or whatever else you deem important. It is solely controlled by the members and is a direct reflection of the kind of community you folks want to have here.

    At the top of each post, you will now see a small scale near the report button. This is the contribution features menu. In order to use it simply click on the scale, and make a comment if you choose. Your opinions are then tallied, and that user’s contribution status is updated to reflect your input. A complete FAQ will follow soon that details all aspects of the system and how it works. Well, not all aspects. We're going to leave a few secrets for people to find on their own.

    Everyone is currenlty starting with 10 "status points" at the Practice Squad level. This will display for your title unless you set a custom one. As members acumulate status points they can advance in level all the way up to Ring of Famer. Each level along the way includes rewards like the ability to have profile pictures, use larger avatars, access hidden forums and other stuff. Again, some rewards will be apparent and some you'll have to find out on your own.

    Currently we are simply enabling the system to see how often it gets used, by whom, in what ways, and to see how many points flow across the board once it’s turned on. Based on the information this test period produces we’ll add other features and enhancements.

    It’s a rather intuitive system, but the scale is hard to notice at times if one’s not looking for it. Again, it’s at the top of a given post near the report button. Please make Sure you're clicking on the right scale for the post you want to comment on!

    If anyone has any questions about this system in the immediate future please ask them on the feedback portion of the boards and we’ll respond to them as quickly as possible.

    A note: This system is not to be confused with a private messaging system. While other users cannot see who left which remarks, the staff CAN. These notes are not confidential – we have enabled the system to be anonymous to members so that we get a more honest level of feedback going through the system, but it is 100% available to the staff. While we respect your privacy and will do our utmost to allow the community to express itself freely, the staff reserves the right to observe and react to any portion of this system that is used to damage the community or its members.

    Special thanks to Alastor for all his hard work building this system. It was a team effort between all of us, but he has definitely been driving the train.

    Enjoy, and thanks for supporting the Denver Broncos!

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    It's specifically set up to not at all be friendly to a "popularity contest".

    I'll come back and elaborate later, for right now I'm fixing some stuff that I had to wait until it was live to find.

    We do have fail-safes in place though, and I'll elaborate in a bit. It's incredibly hard to manipulate this system. not impossible, but to the degree where it's absolutely not worth it to try.

    Ahl be bahck.


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      Originally posted by JWinn
      This is really cool. It should make it more clear how we as a group feel about certian posters.
      However, it does seem like this is going to be a popularity contest now. I notice several of the younger posters are very concerned with how they are percieved, where many of us older posters dont really care about popularity at all. Also, those posters who appear to just want to cause trouble wont really care about their score either. It would be a shame for any fan who just wants to be part of the family to feel ostracized because his or her score isnt rising. I know this is not your intention, but I just urge caution here. You mods seem to have enough to do without deciding who is "good" and "bad", "cool" or not. I realize that you dont make the scores. I just forsee people telling other posters; "look at your score, no one wants you here".
      Looking thru, clicking this scale on various posters, I notice there is only an option to approve of a post. Shouldnt there also be an option to disapprove? If I want to just comment on a posters post as being garbage for example, does it reflect his or her score simply by commenting? If I dont click the approve but still comment, what happens to that persons score? Also, is there a limit on how many characters are allowed in a comment?
      I realize that this is all new and further refinements will be made. I just fear a new "status" system will only bring more harm than good. It will very interesting to see how the test period pans out.

      Thanks to Alastor for working so hard on this. I know his intentions are only to make this "home" of ours a better place!
      There will be an FAQ, and eventually, members will be able to disapprove as well.

      But, in a nutshell, before the FAQ is visible, there are safegaurds in place to protect against abuse. We (mods) will be able to see if some is boosting or pulling points away from a specific user all the time in an effort to affect their rating. And then we can adjust accordingly, if necessary. It could be considered abuse of the system, and will reflect negatively on the person doing it.

      And while your statement about trolls rings true, most short term trolls get banned anyway. Fans of other teams, however, have varying degrees of behavior. Some are analytical, if unpopular, others are smack talking fools. Some are quite nice. So, a true troll won't be here long enough for anyone to care, to be honest.

      As you have more question, please ask.

      Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

      The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
      You should check these guys out


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        The system looks after itself almost entirely. On other boards where I have installed it that were far larger than the community here, it has been entirely self-governing without any issues.

        That's not to say it's perfect, but it does okay. Also, I believe the staff reserves the right to shut this bad boy off. Thankfully, it's easier to turn off than it is to turn on.


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          Okay, now I can be more specific and detailed. Thanks for your patience!

          To prevent this from turning into a popularity contest, we've taken a few steps that I can discuss.

          First, there is a limit to how many times each "24 hour period" you can reward someone for their posts. Right now that limit is set to five.

          Second, we have the system set so that there's a "user spread" of ten. What this means is that if User B wants to give User A some status, User B can click on one of User A's posts, and give the award. Before User B can give an award to User A again however, he/she must award nine other different users.

          This ensures that A) It takes a MINIMUM of 48 hours before one person can hook the same person up again and B) User B has also hooked up at least nine other people in the process. By the time this entire method of "hooking a buddy up" is complete, the individual difference of two points compared to the impact the rest of the community has had is almost nullified entirely.

          In order to keep this process going, any given user has to maintain their diligent use of this process over a LONG period of time.

          Over this period of time, a pattern is easily visible to the mods when they look at someone's feedback record.

          It's really rather futile for people to even approach this from that stance to be honest. If someone is a good poster then they'll be getting a lot more awards than that one individual one is worth, and if they're getting a lot of negative feedback, there's not a whole lot one or two, or even a small group of people can do to counter-act the impact of the entire community.

          There are other barriers in place as well, but this is the part I feel comfortable sharing. Perhaps the staff would be more forthcoming. Perhaps not too though.

          Does that answer the questions and concerns you folks (rightfully) had?


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            No sweat. Thank the staff. They let me and told me what they wanted and such and I just kind of did my best to give them what they asked for.

            I appreciate your thoughts, and was happy to do it.


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              Thanks guys awesome job.


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                Very nice.


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                  Thanks for all your hard work, this is nice -- they have this on the Charger board.


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                    And just what have you been doing at the Charger Boards?



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                      Originally posted by Alastor
                      And just what have you been doing at the Charger Boards?

                      Alastor, -- You know my heart is pure, I'd never be a two-faced fan, especially that of a Division Rival, right?


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                        No, I figured you were over there causing trouble.

                        That's what I do ove.... I mean uh that's what I hear people say they do there.


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                          Contributor Status System FAQ is Live

                          For those of you who want to read even more about how this new system works, the FAQ is now available:

                          Also makes a nice cure for insomnia.


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                            That hurt. That'll leave a mark.


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                              Originally posted by Alastor
                              That hurt. That'll leave a mark.

                              Good job Alastor, just read the FAQ'S, sounds like a blast.
                              Let's rock these boards.