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Too Many "General Discussions"?

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    Open Forum

    What about creating an "open forum", with the stipulation that the posts should only pertain to the NFL and not other sports/subjects, etc. This may relieve some of the pressure on "general discussions". This would allow people to air their opinions on such things as the draft, free agency issues, coaching decisions and the like.

    Broncomaniac PG
    Palo Alto, Ca.


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      WOW! This is an oldie!!

      I just read thru a few of the most recent posts. (Can they even be called recent? lol)

      So much has changed.

      I'm gonna take Benny's advice though. Usually when I move a thread, I dont say anything. I just move it and forget. Interestingly, not ONCE has anyone complained about it. At least not that I know of.

      However, for Benny;

      Seeing as this isnt really a BRONCO thread, and more of a FEEDBACK thread, I am sending it there.

      I gotta read all this..........
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        Originally posted by Jared
        It seems to me that everyone browses by forum, instead of the MUCH more convenient "new posts" function. Using that option not only will show you every post since your last log in, thus allowing you to pick and choose which threads or posts you want to view, but it also means that that you don't spnd all of your time in any one forum. (which could help counteract this belief that you HAVE to post in GD to have anyone see it).
        I gotta say, I never used the New Posts feature until now. Jared was right. Who knew his advice would work for someone 2 years later.


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          Originally posted by Chidoze
          I gotta say, I never used the New Posts feature until now. Jared was right. Who knew his advice would work for someone 2 years later.

          Same here! I only started using it about 6 months ago.

          I still cruise the boards the way I always did though most of the time. Habit.

          Well, alot has changed since this thread was posted. Went I went back and started at the beginning, I thought maybe I should not have moved it. But as I progressed, I realize we didn't even HAVE a Feedback forum back then. Did we? I didnt see it listed in Perry's post.

          And the Archive sections. This must be responsible for those. Krugan and Alastor deserve credit there I believe.

          We've grown so much in some ways.


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            I only use the New Post link. I never browse the fourms......I just click the New Posts.....or if I have to I use the Search Function.



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              Ummm, how about keeping it the way it is? It is called "General Discussions" after all, so it should stay general. This is the main forum after all



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                bumped threads!

                but i never did the New posts thing

                I usually just check my user CP first and go to my subscribed threads to pick up on heated arguments and what not

                and then i go to new threads after that to see whats happening

                but i like that New posts feature. Ima have to give it a shot