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  • A "like" button

    I dont know how difficult it would be to add a like button at the bottom of a post . It would be nice to read someone's post and hit the like button . It would curtail many posts that say " yeah I agree " or the " yup 10 char " . Just food for thought . I'm not a computer guy so I dont know what it entails. Thanks mods for looking into this .

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    There is a similar feature if (on the desktop version of the site) you go to the post and, next to the user name, press the star icon and then give a contributor point / CP.


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      Aren't you limited on CPs ? Not everyone has a computer. I just use my cell phone. I'm not sure how many people are using their phone compared to PC . I belong to the Home Brew Talk forum and theirs is set up with a like button at the bottom and it's used a lot.