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  • You must spread some Contributor Status around...

    We've all gotten the messages. But i really have a problem with this idea. The CP per day idea is great, and some limiting of rewards to the same member also makes sense. But one change that i would really like is an alteration on the "spread the love" rule. Short term, it is fine. But i think there should be some sort of maximum time limit after which we can give points to that poster again without having to give points to 9 other people first. Maybe a week or two. So spread the love, or wait a week to give points again. I personally do not give out contributor status points very often, in fact I have never reached my 5 every 24 hours limit. I know there are a lot of other posters like that here. I only give out points to posts that I really think contribute to the boards. So I'm tired of seeing a great post by JWinn, TDK, or any of the other members who regularly make positive contributions to this board and not being able to give them CPs for it, even though the last point I gave them could have been a month ago, simply because I didn’t want to dilute the meaning and value of my points by giving them out too freely. Just my thoughts.
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