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Enough with the sticky's!!!!~~~

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  • Enough with the sticky's!!!!~~~

    Can we please not promote every thread to sticky status simply because it contains a poll or a stat that a mod deems interesting? I mean, sometimes it's okay, but when we have 6-9 sticky's at any given point it seems as though they have lost their purpose. It would seem they should take precedence, rather than being disregarded due to sheer volume... Just my take on things.

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    Though I'll agree there's quite a few of them........

    Don't like 'em, don't read 'em......

    Though I do have one in GD, it pertains to a relevant topic that's been highly debated. And once the season's over with and the debate is over, it'll prolly come down.

    As long as they pertain to something relevant to the moment, I don't see what's wrong with them.....

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      If the plague of stickies continues, we will have to go to the second page for most of the live threads. Could the site administrators be more selective in what they sticky? They just seem to be in the way.


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        MLB thread will come down soon enough. i think the congratulations one should. but there not that bad


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          Originally posted by OrangeShadow
          MLB thread will come down soon enough. i think the congratulations one should. but there not that bad

          I think there referring to General Discussion, where there are about 7 stickies, and I agree, it is getting out of hand, but I think all the threads stickied deserve to be stickied



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            Geez, and I was about to sticky this thread too.
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              I was thinking the same thing.


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                I had to scroll down to see the first unstickied topic in GD. Mods, please, unsticky some things!
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                  The plague continues....

                  8 stickies in general discussion today....


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                    Now there are 9 stickies.
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                      Originally posted by Buff_bronc_fan
                      Now there are 9 stickies. It's so maddening I'm contemplating never visiting this site again. What give mods? This is frieking ridiculous... Yeah, Elway, I'm talking to you... At least you can do something about it...

                      So maddening, oh no, what are we going to do! * throws hands up in the air*

                      Thats a rediculous statement. Who cares about the stickys?

                      Of the 9 that you say are on GD, one is the gameday thread that will be gone by probably tuesday, another is a tailgating thread for the game in NY that will be gone by sunday night, and 3-4 others are on the rules of this site, another is on helping the poor, and one more is the Shanny files which a lot of us enjoy reading everyweek.

                      Its really not that big of deal.


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                        We were going to unsticky the "Help the Poor" thread, but then they would just complain.

                        As stated above some will be done by tommorow such as tail gating and game day thread.

                        Others will be there for the foreseeable future.
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