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Note to Invesco Field PA Administrator

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  • Note to Invesco Field PA Administrator

    just a peeve, wonder if anyone else caught this...

    so I was watching the last sunday and I think the Broncos had just scored their 4th touchdown and they were about to kick off to the Pats. On the tv I could hear that someone at Invesco had decided to play the "goodbye" song over the PA system.

    I think that was the most idiotic thing to do! The game was definately not over by then and I wanted to scream at the person who decided to play that song. Imagine how stupid the Broncos would have looked if New England had completed the comeback. Playing that song does nothing but adds some bulletin board type fuel to the NE players and it might also make our younger players play a little less hard.

    Any one with a little football sense has to know that the game was obviously not over by then! So if you are in charge of the PA system, I would kindly suggest that you not play that song until that fat lady sings?

    -my piece

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    I was at the game and do not remember that happening. not saying it did not because maybe we were cheering too much. On the other hand lighten up even if it was played I doubt any NE players remember it.

    Also maybe technically you’re are right the game was not over, but in all reality it was. The Broncos could have easily put up another 14 points they just decided to go vanilla thus making it look like the Pats had a chance.


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      The game was not over, technically or otherwise. Witness the comeback,... it was close.

      I could hear it quite clearly on the tv, but maybe in the stadium you can barely notice it. Anyway, I'm not down or anything, I just think they shouldn't play that song. There are many good inspiring/intimidating songs to play.


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        I just re-watched that part of the game on my TV and I still could not here that, so I think you were imagining it.


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          ... it's when Chukwurah was pumping up the crowd right before a kickoff. Either at 21-3, or at 28-3, don't remember.


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            I've haven't been a game recently, so I don't know exactly what the song is.. But they always play it before kickoffs, I can hear it on TV. I know it sounds like the Nananana hey hey hey goodbye, but I think it's a variation of that... Someone who is there more could probably tell you what it is, I have a feeling it has to do with something on the jumbotron. I always hear it right before kickoffs, so I don't think they were trying to show up the Pats or anything.


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              I remeber did happen