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  • Too many threads on same subject

    I'm sorry to be negative and I realise my post count doesn't really merit passing judgement on this place, but I can't be the only one who feels this way. This place is just a mess. Reply to a topic and 10 minutes later there's 15 threads on that exact same subject and you have to repeat your arguments in all of them if you get into debates. It gets old real quick, probably why I only have 150 posts even if I've been a member for 2+ years.

    I don't know what can be done, obviously I don't expect the mods to spend all their time locking or combining thread, but a stressing in the guidelines of looking for similar topics before posting new threads and of using the search button couldn't hurt.

    Again, sorry to be negative on this glorious day, go Broncos.

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    Thanks for the comments, Big Dane. Somebody's post count doesn't make their ooinion any more or less valid, so don't worry about that.

    Multiple threads on the same topic is an issue that our staff works to address, merging threads constantly. It's admittedly not as high a priority as enforcing the Code of Conduct. We're more concerned about insults, profanity, flame wars and the like. But it is something we deal with, and will continue to do so. I'll think about stressing it somewhere in the Code of Conduct or Newbie Land forum, too.

    Thanks again.