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    i said this a long time ago and i will sugest it again. how about a buy/sell/trade section for all of the collectors and phreeks out there? just a suggestion

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    Sorry for the hi-jacking.

    What is the requirement for a thread to recieve its sticky?
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      two parts.

      I think admin and the Broncos organization is concerned regarding liabilities when buying/selling/trading between fans.

      If you PM or email each other and this board is your contact point, that is ok.

      But an official place to post would require all sorts of disclaimers and it'sown moderator, most likely.

      Plus, it could be construed that the Denver Broncos approve or are affiliated with dealers/traders.

      Also, they'd like you to buy THEIR stuff

      There is no official requirement for a sticky. If requested, it will be reviewed. If it is agreed that it could be of great interest to many users, then it can be stickied. A lot of things get temp stickied.

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