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  • Can't register for the boards

    I can't seem to register. When I try, it says I am already registered as vcoach1. I am NOT vcoach1. vcoach one has made 8 posts according to his profile (which I can somehow view), and this is my first post. The email address registered to vcoach1 is not mine. However vcoach1 is, I'm sure he doesn't want me posting as him on these boards.

    I have tried the usual fixes like clearing cookies and cache. I don't know where else to go with this. I noticed in a thread elsewhere on the site that someone else had the same problem. There was 2 different people posting as vcoach1 in the same thread.

    Any help?

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    On the main page of the forums, you should be able to log out...Try that, then try clearing the cookies & coming back.

    Oftentimes, I have to do that, and as you can see I've been registered here for a long time!


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      Thanks a lot, I never thought of that. As you can see, I am now registered


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        well welcome to the boards..


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          No problem...there's a little glitch with the system & it does that for some reason...Never have figured out why, just know how to get around it...Of course, if I post accidentally as someone else, I typically PM them & let them know, so that they don't feel violated or something--I know I would be all bent out of shape if someone were able to get in to all of my PM box & everything else!