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CP Bets and the junkies who can't let it go

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  • CP Bets and the junkies who can't let it go

    I see some month old threads about members who are owed CP from CP bets. And I see the victorious members ask, whine, moan, complain, beg, PM and practically hold press conferences and telethons to get their CPs. So I have a question for you CP Junkies, if confronted with a member who hasn't paid you yet.

    Whattya gonna do about it? I mean really, what are you going to do about it?

    - Tell a mod? Won't work, most if not all of the mods are disgusted by CP bets because it demeans the original intent of the CP.

    - PM the people who owe you? Won't work. In fact, it may work against you.

    - Call out the people who owe you? I've seen some do that in sigs or in regular posts, in italic or in bold. Let's see if they pay you now or ignore you for shining the spotlight on them.

    Integrity is one thing, but it's worse being a CP junkie. It really makes members look worse than those who have not paid especially nowadays since this subject is becoming a thorny one. I was paid two days ago by someone for the Michigan/USC bet. Damn, the game has been over for nearly a month and I moved on. I forgot about it. I will thank the guy in turn but seriously, it's not a big deal.

    You might find this shocking, but there are more ways to earn an orange bar. So you want CPs, do ya? Earn them the easy way by being a member to remember, with posts the make people -> or or :clap: But this bet bookie thing is getting plenty of these -> which I guarentee will leave you stuck in the Matrix with the same tally of CPs you have now... or worse.

    Unless you know where these people live, there's nothing you can do about it. Wanna call them out in a post? Watch the thread get turned into a flame war and eventually closed, with possible repercussions to one or both parties.

    But to be fair, there are two sides to the coin.

    Now for those, like me, who owe CPs for bets, it's only fair to pay the piper. If nothing more, it will shut everyone up so we can all move on. Just click on the scale, maybe call the guy a turd and move on. Ok, don't call him a turd, but just pay up and go. If you can't because of other reasons then hey, that's life. They'll just have to be patient. I think I owe about 13 people, so I'll have my debts paid this weekend. After that, no more CP bets for me.

    It's safe to say that from now on, if you have a CP bet and you see that 22 people owe you, expect to be paid 12 times at best. Why? Because really, who cares?

    And like I said before, whaddya gonna do about it?

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    You wrote this to get cp didn't you........


    I agree DS...:clap:


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      Yeah, those CP bets are not for me ither!

      I also agree with you, DS, that it appears to be a 'dirty' business and
      maybe if the mods do feel as you suggested, it is degrading to the board.

      If nothing else, the begging and the harrassing members over the CP's
      are degrading to the board and to members.
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        I'm thinking about joining the cp mafia where I threaten people to give me cp or else......

        Ever seen the bottom of a lake in concrete boots...??


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          Originally posted by Reidman
          You wrote this to get cp didn't you........


          I agree DS...:clap:


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            Moderator stance...

            We don't condone CP bets, but there's no cause to stop it either... and people involved need to understand that it simply CANNOT be enforced.

            It's silly, really.
            Thanks, Reid!
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              Originally posted by DevilSpawn
              --- I'll bet you none of the CP betters will read your rant ! ---



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                CP Mafia, it's starting up. Wasaaaaa.


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                  Originally posted by Reidman
                  I'm thinking about joining the cp mafia where I threaten people to give me cp or else......

                  Ever seen the bottom of a lake in concrete boots...??
                  Yous don't like to hand out da CPs eh?

                  Yous keep scruin around, I put a pencil in yo' neck

                  On a serious note, I totally agree DS, why do people really care so much about the orange dots? You won a bet, whoopty friggin do, you will get most of the CPs, don't be a beggar. Honestly, I don't go after everyone I think owes me money, and that actually has value!

                  And another thing! (You got me going DS! ) I'm going to flat out say stop begging for CPs or telling me: XX amount until my next bar! I care more about what Bob Barker is eating for dinner than I care about your CP count! And I am not giving you CPs!!

                  AND another thing! (look what you did DS!) I'm also sick of hearing the occasional comment about the ABF forum being a CP brothel! Most people came here to talk about football, understandably, so what do you care what people do in other places? Oh, I don't care about CPs, but ABF is a brothel, well FYI: if you didn't care, you wouldn't be whining about it, even once! So put down the Haterade for when you see people talking about life and enjoying each others company, because as much as we hate to admit it, there is life outside of football!

                  And ANOTHER THING! Okay, I have nothing. I would give you a CP DevilSpawn, but that might defeat the purpose of this thread!


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                    seriously, grow a pair and stop friggin' WHINING about it-- it's pathetic!

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                      Originally posted by AZ Snake Fan
                      --- I'll bet you none of the CP betters will read your rant ! ---


                      You lost
                      I started the superbowl bet Thread
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                          Good thread Devil

                          its the first CP thread of February i do believe.

                          but I like how people get so worked up over Cps.
                          I made a thread last week in a joking matter about my Cps and everyone acted like the world was coming to an end and i recieved numerous Threats and Hatemail and stuff.

                          It was just a joke.

                          but the funny thing is i got 14 plus points on that thread
                          i got some neg in that thread and some positive

                          good stuff.

                          But i dont really like when People PM me and say: u owe me a CP for this thread or w/e.
                          I try to earn Cps but i still participate in CP Bets and Broncomania Pick Em tournaments.
                          in My opinion that is earning them.

                          If you pick a correct team to win then you should be rewarded with Cps if thats what you chose to do.

                          If you have the most right out of 130 people and win a pick em Then you deserve to be cp'd for your great efforts.

                          Its not Mandatory at all but some people over react and cant take a joke(not to mention this is the Most Sensitive forum i have Ever been on and anything i say or do will be held against me in the court of Jwinn)

                          But with all that being said Cps dont bother me but i do get annoyed with People starting threads saying: i have a disease of CP itus or people posting saying Pay Up people... or people saying i only need 2 cps for my next bar.

                          I dont say any of that stuff.
                          Its always fun reading Cps and seeing the different comments people say.

                          That is all



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                            If you don't bet cp's no worries about it. I don't bet cp's, I don't post for cp's, I just do what I do. If cp's come my way for it fine, if not fine, it's just a number that really doesn't mean much in the long run anyway.

                            I really don't see what the big deal is over cp's.

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                              Funny how people get so bent out of shape about a little yellow square!