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  • 2 Forums that Shouldnt be there!

    December 31st of 2006 we wouldnt think of having a forum about a player on our team dying and now we have 2. Its just a crazy world IMO. you never know what can happen

    i go on broncomania and it gets sadder each day/week/month.

    But when i come on here now i see diff forums for each player dying. We have just as many death forums as we do for Starter house forums
    and thats not right.

    However i do like that each player get thier own forum, infact i LOVE that because thats how it should be. But i would just rather not have them die.

    You never know what can happen.

    Heres to no more deaths on our team.
    2 is enough for one franchise.

    I never thought id be so thankful for being alive but it sure is stunning for what is going on with our team.

    RIP Damien and D-will

    and while I'm at it i forgot to say:

    I think there should be custom Darrent and Custom Damien Avatars in our User CP added to the ones we have now.
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    It is sad because we did lose two players and a solid member of BRONCOMANIA (BroncoFanCam) over this past season. While all sudden and tragic, we have to except death and remember the good things they have thought us. I find the forums fitting and by honoring these players with a forum of their own to let people come in and give their condolences. It does hurt the heart though and I am sure BRONCO NATION is grieving once again. I hope to God this is the last one for a long, long time. Hand in there JC4MVP!