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    Originally posted by JWinn
    That SOUNDS resonable enough.

    However, you forget that if I start deleting people threads ad or posts, even though they are a repeat, those people will either 1. Throw a fit in a PM to one of us, or 2, throw a fit openly, probably right here in Feedback.

    If I did as you suggest for example, I would have to explain to each person I deleted a post of why I did so. They would hound me, accuse me of using my power unfairly, of being personal, of playing favorites, of any number of things I probably havent even thought of.

    It's just true. They would.

    Lets use an example.

    Anna Nicole died. Just using a topic several people tried to "break" here. There must have been 6 or 7 of them. I merged them all into one thread. Now your right, there are several posts in there that are clearly repeat posts. All breaking the news to us, some with the same links I think even.

    So as it is, we have a thread with several posts all saying essentially the exact same thing. Totally redundant. You might think some of them would have chosen to forgo the embarrasment of having their breaking news end up being the 23rd post in a thread, and deleted their posts, but none of them did. (At least I dont think they did. I havent been back there since I merged the last one.)

    Why? Who knows, lol.

    But I KNOW one thing. If I had deleted them as you suggest, they ALL would have complained about it. Even though they were an hour, or in one case, an entire DAY late, they would have wanted at the very least an explanation.

    I dont have the time to tell 6 people why their post was deleted. All on the same subject. My PM box will fill up, and every mod's e-mail boxes will fill up with reports demanding an explanation.

    So I just merge them. They are still happy they broke their news, and I can move on to other things. Like something I am interested in.

    you could lock the thread but make a post right before saying "locked because there is another relevant thread"


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      Another idea:

      we can add another forum to the Archives and put all the duplicates in one forum

      Then it could be easier to see and we dont have any people throwing "fits"


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        How about people just browse each forum they want to post in to see if there is already an thread started about the subject they want to chat about????

        or would that make too much sense???

        how aobut a brokenheart/my family treats me like crap forum?
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          Originally posted by Chidoze
          I know what you are talking about, and I agree. But it's something we have to just deal with.

          The mods do their best to merge threads that co-incite with each other but they cant do them all.

          It would take a lot of man power to merge all those threads that keep popping up with the same topic discussion.

          Not to mention time.
          Original?!?! I know nothing of that