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Congratulations Chiefs fans

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    Good Game Broncos. Man those refs sucked eggs on both sides today.

    Go Penguins
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      Congrats Chief fans on the win. It was a very close game the refs where terrible most of the game...


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        Ugly Game

        Thanks for the congrats although I wasn't on the field, I am a fan.

        The refs need some sort of consistency; PI on Bowe yet Andre Johnson of the Texans pushed off much harder and it was called the other way. Phantom holding call on McCluster's long run. Terrible officiating all around.

        The Broncos have a real beast at running back and I wouldn't discount Orton just yet; I think the game plan today way to make sure the passing game didn't win it for the Broncos like the last game and it opened up the running game.

        Very questionable playcalling on the part of the Chiefs; 4th and 2 and you pass? For a coach that is playing the odds, that was a low odds call.

        The Broncos will be back; lots of parity in the NFL even if the east coast bias won't admit it.



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          Originally posted by crayzkirk View Post
          The Broncos have a real beast at running back and I wouldn't discount Orton just yet;

          This season I have watched the Chief's coaches squeeze out a lot of production from talent that previously wasn't expected. The Chiefs are using the players strengths and playing smart football, and I'm not seeing the same "maximizing potential" from the bronco coaches.

          I think the broncos would be doing better under a different coach... the tebow stuff is just fans grasping for hope. The bronco fans should be thankful that McD hasn't ruined TT's pro career at this point.
          Suck is NOT a bronco fan.


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            Congrats on the win.

            Not rooting for you guys to win games, because I can't do that... but as you get closer to stealing the mantle from SD, I will be happy for you.

            Thanks, Reid!
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