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Chiefs finally get a win!!!

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  • Chiefs finally get a win!!!

    Tony G

    The Chefs

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    Good on ya's!!!!

    Now, week 16? Could ya help us out a little and knock off the Raiders?? Puh-leeeeeeease???
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      What happened?

      I heard Orton came in and promptly injured his hand..

      then a win?

      What gives?
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        Orton came in and the first play was a flea flicker and he got hit as he threw the ball and it dislocated his index finger from what I understand.That was all for him.

        The only TD was right before the half..Palko threw a hail mary.Urlacher went to intercept it and one of the Bears hit it and McCluster was right there and caught it.

        The Chiefs defense played great..7 sacks and only gave up 3 points.
        Tony G

        The Chefs


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          Glad the boys could get a win over Da Bears.
          Defense has really shined the past 2 weeks.

          I saw the highlight reel where Orton got hit...his finger was a little bent up.
          I'm hoping he isn't out 4 the season...I was hoping 2 see him play against the anointed one here in Denver.


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            I'm hoping the Chiefs D can play that well next week against the Yets.

            My wife is a huge fan, and we're flying all the way to NY to see it. I'd love for her to be able to watch her Red and Gold pull a win out.