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if pioli picks jmd over remeo

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    he won't hire Mcstupid. knows if he does bye bye fan base


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      Pioli is leaps and bounds better for the franchise that Peterson was.

      Anybody that criticizes his overall draft strategy is a fool. Every GM in the league has picked a dud or 2....but Piolo (both here and in NE) has hit it over the fence far more times than he's fouled out.

      JMD as a HC? I'm still not 4 it...and I'm not so sure I'm wild about Crennel either. It really depends on who becomes available in the off season.
      Player-wise, this team is ready 2 take it 2 the next level, so it deserves a good look around before HC call is made. Worse comes 2 worse, I could live with Crennel. Josh M'Gosh can pound sand.


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        Originally posted by kcvet View Post
        he won't hire Mcstupid. knows if he does bye bye fan base
        I will always be a KC Chiefs fan. McD or not....U 2...

        Hell, we made it through the Herm years, did we not? lol


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          McDaniels is a genious, even Bradford said he's learned more about fooball from him than ever.

          Just because he dismantled the Broncos and set them back 2 decades, and took a Rams team that was one game away from the playoffs to the worst team in the NFL... that doesn't mean anything.

          Pioli loves him... that is all KC needs... more false hope.
          What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger