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  • Come on kc!

    Do it KC! Go all the way! I am pulling for you Chiefs to do it! Think you got a good chance, Offensively they are as good as anyone, if that defense can somehow play better then it did in the postseason, they gotta good chance!

    Being at home should give them the adv. I predict no problem at all with the Colts, a 38-17 blowout win

    Chargers I think will upset the Cheatriots, they play better on the road, and they got the defense for it. 24-21.
    In a all AFC West matchup in the Conf. Championship, I believe the Chiefs finally end the Chargers road trip tour, and end Rivers LAST hope of a Super Bowl, 31-28.

    In Super Bowl 53? This is the Saints year. They have ZERO weaknesses, and Brees will go out with his 2nd Ring, and have a great MVP game, the Chiefs Defense gets seriously exposed in this one, and they Blow them out 45-20.

    Hope I am wrong. Good luck KC and Mahomes.
    sigpicoh YEAH?

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    Revisiting this thread, yup....


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      Not a smack section....