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    So, our varsity is now 2-0. We beat Goddard 31-21.
    I am happy because our rival, the only team better than us, got beat last night 28-14 ending their 28 game winstreak!

    My game just finished a few hours ago.

    We owned.


    It was and awesome game! I got two sacks for the the first two plays! We were owning them!


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      We lost again the score was 6-0 because our QB(Supaman a.k.a Vince Young) fumbled the snap in the endzone and they recovered it.

      The worst part was I didn't play because coach wants a bigger o-line even though my replacement sucked the whole game. The coach was yelling at him every time he came off the field. Also his man recovered the fumble in the endzone.

      Also half the team is saying their going to quit so I will definitely play next week.


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        Cherry Creek is 2-0! I hope we beat Overland tonight, that'd be great. Go Elway!


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          My team is 2-1. Won our first game 53-0. Lost our second game (homecoming) 16-4. Won our third game last night 51-0.


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            i cant believe we r 1-2 we were district champs last year

            we lost to a ****ing reform school ugh

            RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

            I Adopted JayCutler4MVP!!! and DJ Williams


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              I play in Michigan for Brighton

              currently on the J/v team and play Right tackle and 3 technique

              we're 2-1 and our last game was a 41-0 victory

              we run the same offence that grand valley and Florida runs (quite effectively i might add)


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                Okay, so here is my High School football update for Alamogordo High School[New Mexico 5A]


                Over 600 yards rushing 1000 yards all together,

                First Game: 50-8
                Second Game: 46-0

                JV: 1-0

                First game: 54-0

                Varsity: 3-0

                First Game: 28-14? I think

                Second Game:31-21.

                Third Game:29-14

                We are pretty much doing incredibly good, eh?

                I am on the freshman team. Starting right tackle,long snapper,and five-technique!


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                  Originally posted by beastlyskronk
                  I hope so if not we could be in trouble.
                  When Montbello decides to stop turning their varsity team into physical muscle-heads (They are like a sorry version of the Steelers) and add a little bit of fundamentals, They could run to the play-offs, at the least.

                  But, no, instead, the coachs have no smart players on the team, and they bite on the play action just about every play.
                  R.I.P. D-Will/Nash/Taylor/Hill


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                    Well we lost our third game 24-9 I didn't play.

                    We won our fourth game 13-7 I played a couple of series but not much.

                    We won tonight's game 21-6 and I had 4 sacks and touchdown all in the only quarter I played 4th.