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Which college receiver would you want?

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  • Which college receiver would you want?

    Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State

    Early Doucet, LSU

    Harry Douglas, Louisville

    Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt

    Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    DeSean Jackson, California

    Keenan Burton, Kentucky

    Marcus Monk, Arkansas

    Andre Caldwell, Florida,

    DJ Hall, Alabama

    Davone Bass, Hawaii

    Jarrett Dillard, Rice

    Limas Sweed, UT

    Mario Urrutia, Louisville

    James Hardy, Indiana

    Dorien Bryant, Purdue

    Mario Manningham, Michigan

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    Earl Bennet, or Manningham.


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      if you have 6 minutes to spare, watch this freaking video. Earl Bennett is the Marvin Harrison of the college game. He is from Birmingham, AL and played against some ridiculous competition in HS. He was recruited by ND as a DB, LOL go figure. He was only a three star on Rivals. Guy just runs ridiculous routes and finds a way to get the first or keep his feet in bounds for the TD. Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison are the only things that come to mind when you watch the kid play. He returns punts too and in our season opener vs Richmond he had three returns for a plus 20 average and a 34 yard long. He is so money going across the middle it's ridiculous, something I know Shanahan makes sure his receivers are capable of doing. I really can't say enough good things about Earl Bennett. I know he'll be a first round pick and would be completely fine with him leaving after this season to pursue a career in the NFL, he deserves it. However, I think he'll stick around and learn from Cutler and show everyone what he can really do. This year's draft will be STOCKED with receivers and although Earl certainly compares favorably to them all, he and Nickson (one of the nation's most dangerous dual threat QBs) would take on their senior years and lead Vandy to a second straight bowl game... that would only help his stock. I wish I knew how to post a link in a formal format but since I don't I'll just copy and paste it

      Notice that the first three teams shown in the video are freaking Michigan, Alabama, and Arkansas. He breaks lots of tackles and is usually not taken down by one man, something that is an underrated trait in football players. It takes nearly 8 Duke players to take him down around the 4 minute mark

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        DeSean Jackson.

        It's a no brainer if you ask me.


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          yeah DeSean is a FREAK

          He played at Poly in Long Beach and compares favorably to Reggie Bush with his speed and elusiveness. If you want Jackson you want to go 3-13 the year before you draft him. World class speed man but not the best hands you'll ever find. Not having a great year so far. He reminds me A LOT OF Ted Ginn and he hasn't made his presence felt just yet in Miami. I'd rather take a guy who has had two 75 catch seasons in the SEC to start his career (only person ever to do so) and has played with a first round QB in college. Two years ago, the Pac 10 wasn't as good as it is today. Cutler wouldn't have been a first rounder without Earl. Earl allowed Cutler to show what he could do when given the right guys around him.

          Jackson was the #18 overall prospect by Rivals, that made him a five star recruit. He had offers from anyone he wanted one from. I think Jackson took his official visits to Oklahoma, LSU, USC, and Cal.... I think Earl took his to Kentucky, Notre Dame and Vandy. I'll take the guy that hasn't been handed everything and has worked really hard to get good, not that Jackson hasn't shown a good work ethic since I've been following him. The least complacent person ever = Earl Bennett

          Earl Bennett's stats (many of his best games have come vs SEC teams)
          2005: 79 receptions, 876 yards, 9 TD
          2006: 82 receptions, 1,146 yards 6 TD
          2007 (through 3 games): 28 receptions, 375 yards, 3 TD

          DeSean Jackson's career stats
          2005: 38 receptions, 601 yards, 7 TD
          2006: 59 receptions with 1,060 yards and 9 TD
          2007 (through 3 games): 14 receptions for 108 yards and 0 TD

          Jackson does pose a threat as a punt returner but Earl has gone up against some freaking awesome DBs that have been or will be high round picks. Guys like Laron Landry, Chris Houston, Leon Hall, Jonathan Hefney, Reggie Nelson, Ko Simpson, Simeon Castille, Jonathan Joseph, Tony Joiner, Greg Blue, Paul Oliver, and Jason Allen.


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            I've seen a lot of Malcolm Kelly, Limas Sweed, and Adarius Bowman and I would be happy with any of them.


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              i want to say manningham but i think he is going to get dominated in the pros by big DBs, hes too thin and doesnt elude the big hit like a harrison or bruce does


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                DeSean Jackson.


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                  It'd depend on what you wanted to do, and it depends on for what team.

                  The Broncos?

                  It'd also depend where we selected him.

                  I really do like D.J. Hall, I think he'd be great here.


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                    I would love DeSean Jackson in the slot. Just imagine his speed with Jay's arm.


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                      Kelley or Iglasius

                      Both are studs with GREAT hands, and above average route running/speed.

                      But WR isn't exactly a bronco need, atm.
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                        One that can replace D Hixon as a kick returner...although we may be better served drafting CU CB Terrance Wheatley for depth there and he can be a good punt returner as well.

                        As a receiver, I like Bennett or the Kentucky kid, Burton. Both look like good Pro prospects.


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                          I've seen Sweed, Kelly, and Doucet a few times each and liked what I saw, especially from Kelly (who I think compares favorably to Detroit Lions WR Roy Williams). However, WR is not a 1st round need at all. It's painfully offense that our biggest needs lie on defense, specifcally DT and LB. We need a replacement for Sam Adams (Frank Okam would be fantastic), and Amon Gordon is awful. Hopefully, Marcus Thomas will be ready to replace him soon.
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                            Originally posted by rcsodak View Post
                            Kelley or Iglasius

                            Both are studs with GREAT hands, and above average route running/speed.

                            But WR isn't exactly a bronco need, atm.
                            This thread wasn't to homer out in, and by the way it's Iglesias.


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                              This is how one scout ranks 08's draft

                              He likes DeSean Jackson the best:

                              Frank Coyle of
                              Special to College Football

                              NFL Draft expert Frank Coyle of has ranked his top 100 prospects for the 2008 NFL Draft.

                              These rankings do not correspond to the order in which he projects these players to be selected in the draft. (* - denotes underclassman)

                              (List updated: September 28, 2007)

                              Nfl Draft top 100 Prospects
                              1. Brian Brohm, QB, 6-4, 225, Louisville
                              Putting up huge numbers weekly and refining his game in Cardinals' offense.
                              2. Darren McFadden*, RB, 6-1, 220, Arkansas
                              Standout running back can do it all.
                              3. Glenn Dorsey, DT, 6-2, 300, LSU
                              Anchor of the physical Tiger defense that is the best in the nation.
                              4. Jake Long, OT, 6-7, 320, Michigan
                              Physical left tackle is ready to start in the NFL.
                              5. Kenny Phillips*, FS, 61, 205, Miami
                              Athletic, instinctive safety is the next top Miami defensive back.
                              6. Andre' Woodson, QB, 6-5, 230, Kentucky
                              Big, athletic passer has the package to be a bluechip selection.
                              7. Antoine Cason, CB, 6-1, 185, Arizona
                              Big, savvy senior corner has developed nicely in the pass-happy Pac-10.
                              8. Chris Long, DE, 6-5, 285, Virginia
                              Physical defender is a fine combination of athleticism, intangibles and instincts.
                              9. DeSean Jackson*, WR, 5-11, 170, California
                              Fast playmaker can beat teams as a receiver or return specialist.
                              10. Sam Baker, OT, 6-4, 310, Southern California
                              Agile senior left tackle has been a sound technician over past three seasons.
                              11. Early Doucet, WR, 6-0, 200, Louisiana State
                              Speedy senior wideout has been slowed by an early season leg injury.
                              12. Calais Campbell*, DE, 6-7, 280, Miami
                              Athletic edge rusher has the components to develop into a fine pro starter.
                              13. Michael Oher*, OT, 6-5, 325, Mississippi
                              Big, agile left tackle has the physical tools to become an outstanding pro lineman.
                              14. Michael Jenkins*, CB, 6-0, 180, Ohio State
                              Athletic junior defender has the package to be the next Buckeye pro cornerback.
                              15. Dan Connor, LB, 6-2, 235, Penn State
                              Tough, savvy defender carries the torch for Linebacker U.
                              16. Gosder Cherilus, OT, 6-6, 320, Boston College
                              Huge, athletic left tackle is a fouryear starter and hopes to shine this season.
                              17. James Laurinaitis*, LB, 6-2, 245, Ohio State
                              Rugged inside junior defender can be a difference-maker in the right scheme.
                              18. Mario Manningham*, WR, 5-11, 180, Michigan
                              Fast playmaker has shown the ability to hit the home run as a collegian.
                              19. Ryan Clady*, OT, 6-5, 320, Boise State
                              Mobile junior left tackle has been a dominant blocker since early in his career.
                              20. Steve Slaton*, RB, 5-9, 200, West Virginia
                              This versatile scatback is dangerous as a runner, receiver or returner.
                              21. Keith Rivers, LB, 6-3, 220, Southern California
                              Outside linebacker covers the field and consistently makes plays.
                              22. Justin King*, CB, 5-11, 185, Penn State
                              Savvy cornerback has excelled since early in his career.
                              23. Alex Boone*, OT, 6-7, 325, Ohio State
                              The Buckeyes' best left tackle since Orlando Pace.
                              24. Tyson Jackson*, DE, 6-5, 290, Louisiana State
                              Powerful defender has huge upside potential as a pro.
                              25. Reggie Smith*, DB, 6-0, 200, Oklahoma
                              Athletic defender has the package to play corner or free safety in the NFL.
                              26. Derrick Harvey*, DE, 6-4, 245, Florida
                              Fast edge rusher has the burst to make big sacks.
                              27. Malcolm Kelly*, WR, 6-3, 210, Oklahoma
                              Big, agile wideout has been unstoppable over the early 2007 season.
                              28. Xavier Adibi, LB, 6-1, 225, Virginia Tech
                              Speedy linebacker can chase and cover from the weakside.
                              29. Adarius Bowman, WR, 6-4, 220, Oklahoma State
                              Big, physical receiver makes plays over the middle and in the red zone.
                              30. Vernon Gholston*, DE, 6-4, 260, Ohio State
                              Fast edge rusher is off to a fast start for Buckeyes this season.
                              31. Limas Sweed, WR, 6-4, 220, Texas
                              Physical wideout has been slow to produce with early injury, but he can be a top prospect.
                              32. Brandon Flowers*, CB, 5-9, 190, Virginia Tech
                              Fast cornerback faces some big late-season tests to determine his pro readiness.
                              33. Ray Rice*, RB, 5-9, 200, Rutgers
                              Strong, compact tailback has been the catalyst for Rutgers' rise to top-10 ranking.
                              34. Frank Okam, DT, 6-5, 320, Texas
                              Big, mobile tackle is a fine run-stuffer and space-eater in the middle.
                              35. Lawrence Jackson, DE, 6-5, 270, Southern California
                              Athletic edge rusher needs to show more power and explosiveness.
                              36. Jack Ikegwuonu*, CB, 6-0, 200, Wisconsin
                              Quick junior corner has developed nicely against talented Big Ten receivers.
                              37. Sedrick Ellis, DT, 6-1, 295, Southern California
                              Quick senior tackle has been an explosive playmaker from the inside.
                              38. Felix Jones*, RB, 5-11, 200, Arkansas
                              Talented and explosive back is a perfect complement to Darren McFadden.
                              39. John David Booty, QB, 6-3, 210, Southern California
                              Talented passer has the ability to give Southern California another top-flight pro QB.
                              40. Ali Highsmith, LB, 6-1, 225, Louisiana State
                              Athletic defender is a top playmaker in the Tigers talented defense.
                              41. Mike Hart, RB, 5-9, 200, Michigan
                              Tough tailback is a bit short but has produced against top competition in his career.
                              42. Jonathan Hefney, DB, 5-9, 185, Tennessee
                              Fast defensive back has versatility to play free safety or cornerback as a pro.
                              43. Ian Johnson*, RB, 5-10, 210, Boise State
                              Quick, strong tailback has been a workhorse runner for the Broncos.
                              44. Dwight Lowery, CB, 6-0, 185, San Jose State
                              Agile cornerback has been a shutdown cover man in the WAC.
                              45. Earl Bennett*, WR, 6-1, 200, Vanderbilt
                              Productive junior wideout has the triangle numbers that has pro scouts excited.
                              46. Chevis Jackson, CB, 5-11, 190, LSU
                              Sturdy senior corner has performed well in the Tigers stingy defense.
                              47. James Hardy*, WR, 6-6, 220, Indiana
                              Big, agile receiver has been a dominant performer thus far this season.
                              48. Jonathan Stewart*, RB, 5-11, 235, Oregon
                              Powerful junior tailback can be a difference-maker in any game.
                              49. Keenan Burton, WR, 6-1, 205, Kentucky
                              Athletic receiver has been the main weapon for Andre Woodson at Kentucky.