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Scott leaning towards UT.....

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  • by the last week before national signing day, i was pretty convinced that he was going to be a horn. i was very pleasantly surprised when i checked rivals and saw he picked colorado .
    i still remember that day pretty clearly. he said he would announce at 11 am. and i had the day off school, so i was playing counter strike to kill time until he announced. then i lost track of time and quit the game around noon, went onto rivals to see the status. the page loaded very slowly, which added to the suspense


    • The big things that stood out imo was the fact that Scott had always said he planned on announcing where he was going on TV. I think he had to add something to draw extra viewers. Jmho.

      Second thing was how Darrell never visited UT with his mother. On his official he took Sonsoni(sp?) with him. We all know how much Darrell values his mothers opinion(along with just about every kid). It just struck me as odd on how he never took his mother to Austin.

      Another thing, that wasn't that huge, was how a CU fan made a sign at Darrells HS game. Darrell's mother loved it and asked the CU fan if she could have it. Kind of a momento kind of thing. My point is Darrell's mother was sold on CU from the very begining, regardless of Josh Smith. Obviously it was nice to have family in Boulder, But i don't think that was a huge issue as the UT fans tell everyone it is.