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  • CU Football 2008 Preview

    Alright, so here it is. In this thread I will;
    • Grade The Class
    • Discuss impact players
    • My choices for surprises on the team next year
    • Breakdown of the teams we are playing and my honest opinion of what our record will be
    • What to watch for as far as offensive production, play choices, and play style.

    Grade The Class

    Wow, I'm genuinely excited for this class words can't fully describe it.

    Main positions of need we handled were:
    Offensive line, Tight End, Running Back (And boy did we handle it!?), Defensive Tackle, and Secondary.

    Position by Position break down

    Quarterback: B+
    Tyler Hansen is becoming one of my favorites from this class. He won Southern Californias All Star Game MVP. He has good mobility, and a rather good arm. One downside with him could be his size.

    Running Back: A+
    Darrell Scott, Ray Polk, and Rodney Stewart. Stewart most likely will get red shirted, or else he will be our KR/PR. I doubt he see's much playing time due to whats in front of him, he ran a 4.4 forty and there are no videos available of him, so I can't judge him fully. From what I hear, he is shifty, which is a great asset to have for him to have at that position.
    Ray Polk, top running back prospect from the state of Arizona a top 15 Running Back. He is obviously no scrub. He is new to football but he has legit speed and is a burner. he had around 1,500 rushing yards his Junior year. He can catch the ball out of the backfield as well.
    I see him getting redshirted, so he can get acclimated to the playbook.
    Darrell Scott, wow what a roller coaster he put us on, huh? Alright so what should I say about this kid that hasn't already been said? He's compact, runs a 4.4 40 yard dash, ran for about 7000 total yards in his high school career. Huge playmaker and will start from day one. He WILL work for it, but I can't see him NOT starting.

    Wide Receiver: B-
    Chance Blackmon is a very welcome addition. He is 6'3 and gives us a target in the redzone. Somewhat slow for a Receiver. May get redshirted with the depth we have in front of him. Why the B-? B- isn't bad, but its not great either, Receiver wasnt necessarily a position of need and while Blackmon is a very good get, it wasn't quite the big 6'6 receiver I was hoping for. Oh well, "you can't always get what you want"

    Tight End: B+
    Ryan Deehan and Ryan Wallace are huge for us. In my opinion Deehan was the best tight end from this class, he has some of the best hands from this class and will make the catch. Not something we were lacking really, but an extra target is always welcome.
    Wallace was a late addition for us, he's the same size as Deehan but just a bit lighter. Most likely a redshirt, but who knows. He has pretty good hands, runs good clean routes, and is a student of the game. Could work on his agility and cuts a bit. Could work on blocking a tad (You Tight ends will be doing alllloooot of blocking)

    Offensive Line: B+
    MTM, Bryce Givens, and Ryan Dannewitz are great gets.
    MTM (Tuioti Mariner) will most likely redshirt now that I think about it, but we will see at spring practices. Guy is a mauler, a hell of a blocker and doesnt stop till the end of the whistle. Great depth for the guard position.
    Givens, COULD redshirt. he has gained some weight and is up to 257. Would love to see him and Miller on the edges at one point.
    Dannewitz, Big dude. Doubt he starts but we'll see. He has great size and strength. Could work on his Run blocking a bit though.

    Offensive Grade Overall: A-. The running backs are fantastic and got some great depth. Still sorta missing the Receiver that can make yards after catch but maybe Simas can be that guy? We'll see.....

    Defensive line: C
    Still missing a guy that can make plays on the edge but got a great Tackle in Curtis Cunningham. Guy is strong and fills the gap. Plays like a mad man. I could see him redshirting due to the fact that he has Nicholas and Hypolite in front of him, great tutors for him to have.

    Linebacker: A
    Shaun Mohler, Jon Major, Lynn Katoa, Doug Rippy, Will Pericak.

    Mohler will most likely start (my opinion). Pure slobber knocker. Good lateral movement and is very aggressive. Seems to go for the big hit alot, I have questions about his pass coverage since I havent seen alot of it.

    Major has fantastic size and speed. Seems to have a tough side to him and shows it on the field. Can hit hard and I hear is an OK pass coverage man. Great instincts and has a chance to start provides he works at it.

    Lynn Katoa was one of the biggest gets for us. Originally a 5 star, downgraded after he committed to CU. Switched from OU, To CU, to OU, back to CU and am still glad he is here. Adds great speed and a hard hitter. With his weight and height I could see him playing outside.

    Doug Rippy. Great steal from Nebraska. Fantastic tackler, and had 148 tackles his junior year per Rivals. Not much on him other than that. Looks the part of a big time backer, lives up to the name. See him red shirting so he could get more playing time down the road.

    Pericak I could see getting moved on the edge of the defensive line. Slow for a linebacker, yet has good strength. Could use his size to his advantage as a DE. Log jam in front of him at LB as well. Great intangibles. We will see how he turns out.

    Secondary: B
    Added Patrick Mahnke, Stephen Hicks, and Vince Ewing.

    Mahnke has the chance to challenge Dykes once he hits campus. Has great size, and alright in pass coverage. Good vision.

    Hicks has an even better chance to challenge Dykes. Fantastic speed, Great strength, and has a great vertical.

    Ewing is a red shirt I think. Could take Walters' spot once he graduates. Needs to work on his speed and wrap up skills.

    Athletes: B
    Paul Vigo is a great get. Could play in the secondary, maybe even safety. Can run the ball, but has the size to be a fullback. More on him as soon as i find out what position he will be.

    Defensive Overall Grade B
    Got some fantastic Linebackers, i have question about Defensive end and Secondary. So We will see. Great speed, maybe could finally stop that damn spread.

    Impact Players next post, appreciate any feed back
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    My questions are about the Projected depth chart, we aren't going to throw nothing but freshman out there so I want to see how the class fits with the current roster.


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      Impact Players

      First I will discuss impact players from the recruiting class since we were just on the subject.

      Offensive Impact Player: Darrell Scott. Not even a question about it. He's going to run the ball alot and get alot of chances behind this young line.

      Defensive Impact Player: Stephen Hicks. Is gonna help us in pass defense, which we struggled in as far as with the safeties. Could start immediately.

      Special Teams: Rodney Stewart. Could jump start our Kick Returning in a way we havent seen since Jeremy Bloom.

      Now, I will go over players that were already on our team.

      Offensive Impact Player: I have two. Demetrius Sumler, Running back. Will be a great spell back for Scott (if he wins the spot). Reminds me alot of Chris Brown in his running style.
      My second one is, Markques Simas. He was redshirted this past year and could be that guy we need for making YAC.

      Defensive Impact Player: Jimmy Smith, cornerback. This guy came up huge at the end of the year and may be our number one guy since Burney will be red shirted. Came on strong, and has good speed. Played great against Nebraska.

      Special Teams: Matt DiLallo. Won't have to punt as much, somewhat frustrated me last year with his lack of leg strength but it is getting better. Has good accuracy and could help our defense out alot.

      Surprise Players

      Offensive Surprises will be...
      Sumler, with all this attention on Scott he will come on strong and work harder than ever.
      Cody Hawkins, he is the real deal. Although with the size of our line he may have to get phone books attached to his cleats eventually.
      Riar Geer. He is a heck of a tight end. Ran into injury problems last year, and if he gets healthy he will get back into the people's minds.

      Defensive surprises
      Conrad Obi, was red shirted and could be the speed we need at DE.
      Brandon Nicholas, underrated at the Tackle position. Helps Hypolite alot.

      Schedule and Prediction

      Sat, Aug 30 Colorado State at Denver


      Sat, Oct 04 *TEXAS BOULDER

      Sat, Oct 11 *Kansas at Lawrence, Kan.


      Sat, Oct 25 *Missouri at Columbia, Mo.

      Sat, Nov 01 *Texas A&M at College Station, Texas

      Sat, Nov 08 *IOWA STATE BOULDER


      Fri, Nov 28 *Nebraska at LINCOLN
      CSU will play us tough for sure. We will have to contain Bell and run our horses early and often. I see it as a win.

      Eastern Washington. Last years Miami Ohio. We mauled em and it should give us a good chance to get a rhythm going on offense leading up to the Texas Game. Win.

      Texas. This is where it gets tough. Its 50/50 for us. It depends on how our offense looks, it will most likely be a shoot out. As much as I hate to say it now (off the Kool-Aid) it will be a close loss.

      Kansas. Time to find out if this team is for real. We played this game very close last year and didnt have the horse power to pull through. Aqib Talib is gone, I say Win. We have the Horse Power now.

      Kansas State. The land of the JUCOS. We got walloped last year in Manhattan and I'm not sure if it will be the same. Our special teams and defense killed us. Running game was non existent. I say win, again. (call me a homer by now, its cool)

      Mizzou. Toughest game of the year. These guys killed us and I think they will do it again sadly. They dominated every aspect of the game. Loss.

      Texas A&M. College Station is very tough to play in, and if anything showed you last year, we are pretty good playing out of the state. Sadly, the Aggies are a different animal than that of Texas Tech. Loss.

      Iowa State. How in the hell did we lose this last year? Blythe. Thats how. nbow that he is gone, and we have some power on offense with a dominating defense. We win. Boulder doesnt hurt either.

      Oklahoma State. Havent played these guys in awhile, and its Zac Robinsons home coming. We have to contain him since he can run the ball pretty well. It will be Kendall Hunters first year starting as the feature back and he has small size. Could have trouble against him. Bryant and Pettigrew will need to be locked down on the receiving end. If we can do this. Win.

      Nebraska. Oh man this will be crazy. We played them well last year and the only real reason they scored as much as they did was because of the Prevent defense and we slowed it up a bit on offense. I say win. We have only gotten better, and they are relatively the same team, plus a few freshman.

      Overall, 7-3 (The WVU Game and another is gone from our schedule?). Maybe a bit homeristic. But I tried thinking as realistically as I could. try asking me after the spring game after I see this team in action.

      Break Down of Playcalling and style, along with defensive outlook

      Offense: We will pound the rock. No doubt about it. We have a hybrid spread going right now and Scott is a huge impact. Our line will only be better.

      I see Play calling going 60% Running, 40% Passing. Hawkins will make a mistake here and there.

      Our big play wide receiver will be Josh Smith.
      Clutch Guys most likely Geer and McKnight.
      And our YAC guy will be Simas.

      Defensive looks to be much better. I need to see the starters first before I know anything more.

      I see us giving up the big play once in awhile down the field. But I do see us being VERY solid on Run defense as usual. Secondary is a huge question, and it will only be worse if we cant get pressure
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        As requested......

        Depth Chart


        Quarterback: Cody Hawkins with Ballenger backing up. If you go to the spring game, WATCH HIM. He has a cannon and could challenge for the spot regardless of if you think Hawk will play favorites.

        Running Back: Scott, Sumler, Lockridge

        Full Back: Jake Behrens possibly Paul Vigo

        Tight End: Riar geer and Ryan Deehan

        Wide Receiver: Josh Smith, Scotty Mcknight, and Markques Simas

        Left Tackle: Sione Tau. This guy looks like a Hawaiian Ryan Miller. Totally forgot about him, his redshirt year did him alot of good. A freshman will challenge here and thats Dannewitz

        Left Guard: It depends on how Tuoti-Mariner pans out. Devin Head, I think will start

        Center: I have questions about this position because of how many botched snaps out of the shotgun we had on the delivery. Daniel Sanders will start but he MUST work on this.

        Right Guard: Kai Maiava. Showed alot of promise

        Right Tackle: Ryan Miller, this guy is good. once he got a hang of it all towards the end last year he was excellent. Had problems against Bama but he was a freshman and has never seen that kind of speed.

        Kicker: Jameson Davis


        Right end: Conrad Obi. He should impress with how he red shirted and fell off of alot of peoples radars.

        Defensive Tackles: George Hypolite, Brandon Nicholas

        Left End: Maurice Lucas. Showed some flash at times, hope to see more of it. Possibly Pericak?

        Line backer. My god this is hard to predict, me and Rockies24 discussed this a bit.

        I thought this,
        OLB: Shaun Mohler, Jeff Smart
        MLB: Michael Sipili, Jon Major*
        OLB: Brad Jones, Lynn Katoa*
        would work, it would just all depend on what kind of offense we're going against and how we need to defend it. Your guess is as good as mine.

        CB: Jimmy Smith, Gardner McKay
        FS: Ryan Walters
        SS: Dykes, Hicks, Mahnke. Depends on who is better in coverage.

        Punter: Matt DiLallo

        Returners: Hicks and Stewart.


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          Bryce Givens, Polk, MTM, Chance Blackmon, Vince Ewing, Tyler Hansen, Doug Rippy, Ray Polk, Ryan Wallace, Curtis Cunningham, and don't be surprised to see Major or Katoa redshirted

          I don't want to see Major moved, but if we see no improvement at all we have to do it.


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            What a year this is looking like for CU. Should be a fun season to follow.


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              Is there a player you could compare Darrell Scott to so the minority of us that don't know much about him or how he runs can dream.


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                Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
                Is there a player you could compare Darrell Scott to so the minority of us that don't know much about him or how he runs can dream.
                From what I see, I think a bigger version of Reggie Bush. Maybe a faster version of Adrian Peterson
                Watch any of the videos

                You can watch one, but after that you get shut out of watching videos.

                I hear though, from the older posters. He looks like Doak Walker.


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                  Here is a few highlights of D-scott.......

                  Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                  The top high school running back in the nation, Darrell Scott, sits down with CSTV as he looks ahead to college. For all your high school football prospects...

                  CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming announces his updated Top 10 list of football recruits from the class of 2008. For more recruiting coverage head over to w...
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                    Great Video Of Scott


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                      Originally posted by str8jacket View Post

                      That was a great Video of him. And that was just one game!!!!!


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                        I'm off to work, y'all.

                        Please, leave feedback and let me know what you think.

                        By the way, if anyone wants to meet up at the spring game, lemme know


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                          Wow it is looking like a great year for the Buffs.

                          Couple of points though.....

                          No way I see Katoa getting red shirted, and I still think he will replace Dizon at WILL but again we can butt heads over this forever. Major might get the redshirt though, I agree with that.

                          Your right, Sumler is a nice short yardage back/change of pace back and the competition of Scott should make him better. The same with Cody and Ballenger.

                          You forgot about Hudgins, he will compete with Obi for that DE spot.

                          Givens and Miller look to be our OT's after this year (Givens to redshirt), but who knows what will happen if Tau shows up and plays.


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                            Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
                            Good video, thanks.

                            Lets go out and get Hall in 09

                            Hopefully he follows Darrell to CU!


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                              we are going to crush csu SO HARD! they will forfeit the rest of their season because they will be so demoralized