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CU vs CSU on a Sunday

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    Originally posted by BVP View Post
    So you guys storm the field after you beat Baylor? Or Iowa State? Yeah i didn't think so. Lame excuse and you know it. Even though you don't want to admit it, just face it, every Colorado football fan looks forward to this game every year.
    err. ya. we stormed the field against iowa state when they played at folsom field 2 years ago. congratulations, beating CSU means as much to the buffaloes as beating iowa state does.

    in all honesty, the "rivalry" stems almost completely from the fact that csu fans talk so much ****. we just like to shut them up. if csu stopped talking then we wouldn't care about them anymore. and yes we look forward to this game, because it signals the start of college football season. i was really looking forward to playing montana state 2 years ago


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      In the past 20 years, CSU has won the RMS 4 times. Ill take my chances with the Buffaloes over the goats.

      I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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        Originally posted by IrishConrad
        I've been in much more hostile environments than Folsom Field. Drunk College kids yelling and throwing things after the game no big deal. Throwing crap ON the field 3 years ago when it was at Folsom was another statement to how classy your fans are.

        I haven't heard one good reason to why it shouldn't be kept at Invesco permanently.

        Having it at Folsom keeps another 30,000 fans from seeing the game. When Invesco has been sold out it's a much better atmosphere as well. Now that it's a night game this years ads to the excitement.

        Also, Liquor stores will be open all over Colorado.......
        It's kind of stupid to label a whole fanbase over the actions of some idiots. I've seen some CSU students call some CU fans ethnic slurs. Does that mean all CSU fans are racist? There are idiots on both sides. Don't label a fanbase by the actions of a bunch of drunken retards. jmho.

        Here's a couple reasons why CFB should be played on college campuses.

        It's unfair to the local businesses of both Ft Collins and Boulder to take away potential revenue generated on a game day. These local businesses are some of the main doners to college football programs. We shouldn't take business away from these guys who support our programs. I think the small business is the most important boosters for college athletics. They seem to care more about their home teams than the huge corporations.

        Second reason is how they seat season ticket holders at Invesco. I'm a season ticket holder and i sit on the 50 at folsom. Sec. 218. great seats imo. But when we recieve our tix for the CSU game, we are sitting on the 29yd line in the last two rows on top of the stadium. That's crappy. CSU fans don't have the same issue? I think its BS.

        I also think the atmosphere before the game isn't that great. The atmosphere at Boulder is great. I've never been to FT. Collins for a game but i bet its an awesome atmosphere. People have their usual tailgating spots reasonably clost to the game. You know the people sitting next to you. But in Denver your in Lot Q about a mile away. The band is practicing underneath the highway before the game.The whole thing is lacking what makes CFB so great imo. I know this is a NFL board, but i'd take the atmosphere at a college game over a Bronco game any day. jmho.

        I know your saying more fans equals a better atmosphere. It was cool for the first couple of years it happened in mile high. Both teams were decent, the games were sold out. But that's no longer the case. CU is in the middle of trying to rebuild their program, and CSU is just begining. Not really a huge selling point when trying to get the game before a national audience. I think the games have been regional lately. My point is the excitement is gone. You may not agree but CU is expected to beat CSU every year. When we don't win then everyone says CU is in for a crappy year. "How can you lose to CSU?" This is the national opinon of this series. There isn't the talk of "Boy CSU is for real" its always how can CU lose to those guys. I hope that made sense. I'm not trying to flame. That's just how i've seen people talking about our series.

        Sure it's a rivalry. but it's an in-state rivalry. If we played AF it would also be a rivalry. CU is talking about dropping the rams from the schedule. Don't you think if it was the huge rivalry people would be livid? On both sides? Our AD has adressed this issue and it never generated any kind of headlines in any of the papers. That doesn't sound like a huge rivalry to me.

        The night game doesn't really ad to anything. We were lucky to get a national audience. That's just because of the DNC in denver. I still bet the top level is pretty empty just like it has been year after year. It's sad. I'm not trying to say it isn't a rivalry. It just isn't that big of one.

        Okay, i'm done with my rant. I hope my thoughts are clear here. I have trouble expressing myself over these boards. I don't want to come off as arrogant. This is how i see things.
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          Hey Irish. This is my point when i say that both programs have idiot fans. This was posted on Ramnation today.

          Subject: Would Adolph Hitler have made a good AD for UCB???
          Posted by: ramdom on Sat Jun 28 2008 1:55:49 PM

          he certainly was delusional enough, excelled at oppressing the weak &
          helpless, and could sell the Big Lies... but I doubt he'd have gone to
          work for such a rotten to the core organization like UCB's f-ball program.

          just a little afternoon reality therapy for my Fluffy Boyz.

          (all seriousness aside -- hang in there my CSU brethren -- your program
          will prevail!!)
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            thank you for reminding me why i never visit that board