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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
    Yeah I agree with all that.

    Speaking of young quarterbacks Prior has been looking pretty decent this season for such a young quarterback. Just from looking at the last few minutes and the end of the Penn State game he was really disappointed with himself and you could tell he is going to work his butt of to make himself better.

    I honestly hope he turns out to be better then Vince Young (I bet all buckeye fans are tired of that comparison).

    But I hope he burns to the ground if he faces Notre Dame.

    I hope Pryor turns out to be better then Troy Smith and Craig Krenzel

    I also wish Boeckman had Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez to throw to but so it go's in college football...

    He just needs to work on his timing and release ... I think he has the arm and hopefully the accuracy will come...

    I blame Tressel for the short comings of this senior class.

    I thought he handled the Pyror/Boeckman situation wrong also playing Wells in the 3rdQ of the 1st game the Buckeyes was up 30 points in.I dont think he had any idea that both the Oline and Dline would perform so poorly.Boeckman was unsure of himself in the pocket and with the Oline playing so poorly I guess he had no other choice but to start Pyror...
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      Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
      Oh yeah me too. Except for when people asked me why Brady Quinn sucked so much. Then I have to give them a pounding.

      Speaking of Brady Quinn, I honestly don't think Jimmy Clausen will ever be as good as him if he plays that bad under pressure. Of course I want to be proven wrong badly but some of the plays Jimmy has done has just left me dumbfounded. After the snap he always locks on to the first option (usually Floyd) and doesn't even bother looking at the other options when the running back or tight end is wide open.

      Clausen 2008 Stats
      Pass Attempts 245
      Pass Completions 149
      Pass Completion % 60.8
      Total Pass Yds 1832
      YPC 7.5
      TD 15
      INT 9

      Brady Quinn 2006 Stats

      Completions 289
      Attempts 467
      Yards 3426
      Comp % 61.9
      YPC 7.34
      TD 37
      INT 7

      numbers are very comparable and Clausen's not even all the way through the season yet. give the kid some slack. he's come a long way in a year. last year he looked downright atrocious...but his numbers are up and showing production and major year and the year after is the bread and butter for ND.


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        staring at one man the whole time throwing into triple coverage.

        BENCH THIS CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!


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          It looks like the Lord answered me in such a cruel way!


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            COME ON NAVY!!!!!!!!


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              that would have to be one of the best executed onside kicks that has ever happened in that situation


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                  Originally posted by martz11 View Post
                  you suck.


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                    notre dame really, really shouldn't have won.


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                      Originally posted by 97svtinkc View Post
                      you suck.
                      If you can explain how they haven't sucked for the better part of the last 10-12 years I'd be happy to listen.


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                        Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
                        It looks like the Lord answered me in such a cruel way!
                        If you have a line to the "man" put in a word for the Bronc's today.
                        Those Indians could prove troublesome...General George Armstrong Custer