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Solich out at Nebraska...

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  • Solich out at Nebraska...

    What a damn shame. The guy is a class act and gave over 25 years of his life to Nebraska football. Get used to 8-3 or worse the rest of your years Huskers, its over.
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    They got used to the good life under their previous head coach, but I doubt anyone will come close to repeating his success at Neb, esp winning three Nat. Titles with them.
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      I wouldn't mind if CU picked him up.


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        I cought the interview with there AD this morn. on ESPN. That really has to suck. Your job hanks on a thread when you play K State or OU, and get beat. Much less CU. He's getting way to much clean air in Nebraska.
        Whats the replacement gonna do ?. Statrt looking for a new game in a couple of years?.
        There is no replacemnet for Osborn. Face Husker loyals.Get used to being beatin by the likes of CU, K-State and OU.
        God I miss the Mountains !!!


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          I think it is sad that he did everything asked of him, (Improved on last year's record, brought in some new assistants), and was still fired. People need to get some perspective. Don't running a clan, winning program and actually graduating some players count for anything?

          So doing what your boss asks can still get you canned. Nice.

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