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# 14 Ohio State vs #18 Wisconsin

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  • # 14 Ohio State vs #18 Wisconsin

    I got to go with Wisconsin . They never should have lost to Michigan
    Those Indians could prove troublesome...General George Armstrong Custer

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    I'm not a big college football fan but I always laugh at upsets. So that plus out of respect for larry dean, I'll put for the Buckeyes.
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      Wisconsin has been a better team then Michigan the last two years ..Michigan has beat Wisconsin 48-12-1 since '69 so anytime Wisconsin or any other Big 10 team would lose to them it should not come as a surprise..Despite Michigan retooling & a New HC..

      It should be a good game classic Big 10 battle going into Camp Randall at night nasty tuff ...Tressel is 2-3 against the Badgers it is the only team in the Big Ten that he has a losing record against ...Dating back since '80 the series record is 6-5-1 Ohio State...

      Last years game .... Even though at the end of the game the score was lopsided 38 -17...Wisconsin would have probably won that game if not for their RB PJ Hill being injured..Wisconsin went into the 4th Q with a 17-10 lead and could not grind down the cloak and run the ball the same without Hill...

      I know we have a mixed opinions about James Laurinaitis but he played lights out in that game last year finishing with 19 tackles...

      The big thing in this game and like most will be on the LOS..Ohio State the last few years although ranked high have not had a top 10 team at both offensive and defensive line..Wisconisin Oline is well coached & is as good anyones in the country...Camp Randall Stadium has a reputation for being a difficult place to win,The Buckeyes last visited Wisconsin in '03, which was also a night game. Ohio State lost the football game, ending a 20-game winning streak.

      When you read this thread and post B4... I hope one of these catches you off guard Bam !

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        Ohio State isnt playing there best, but im looking for Beanie and Pryor to do ALOT today.

        Ohioh State 24 Wisconsin 13


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          Those Indians could prove troublesome...General George Armstrong Custer