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    Originally posted by Bronco Axe
    well. with stoops it seems like the Sooners lose intensity between this week, and the National champ. game. There was NO reason they shouldnt of won it all in 2004 , they were almost as dominant offensively with Jason White, and they were a LOT better defensively then, but they got that BIG HEAD syndrome, and already thought they were crowned.Well USC thought otherwise obviously.

    Stoops is taking a LOT of heat around here for all of theseBCS bumblings, his own fault for winning the CHAMP. his second season I guess.
    well I know Stoops has has a lot of heat, and he knows the pressure is on him, so we'll see what happens, but I think he's gonna make sure these kids are ready to play this year.

    I just hope whatever Stoops does, he finds a way to keep us in the game. I don't mind losing to a good team, if it's a close finish, but what's embarrassing and unacceptable is getting blown out by big margins.

    We have about a month until we find out, until the game is played, everything is just speculation.