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Poinsettia Bowl - Boise State vs. TCU

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    Originally posted by RealBronco
    I'm not taking anything away from TCU. I don't mind them really. I think the game as a whole was a defensive battle.

    Their defense was able to shut down our high scoring offense... and that's what was big for them.

    No one can deny though that Boise State ALWAYS provides great and entertaining Bowl games
    You know I would love for Boise State to Replace Washington or Washington State in the Pac-10. Boise State vs. USC would be a good game.

    TCU is very underrated. I was not expecting BSU to lose that game after they jumped out on top 13-0. I think TCU just tired out BSU on the ground. What a great game though.

    I think Utah is way more overrated than BSU though. Dumb mormons (jk)


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      Originally posted by Nomad Broncofan
      I said Boise St would have their hands full in another thread. Too bad TCU shut the Broncos up about being in a BCS game!
      TCU was better than 3 or teams in the BCS bowl picture IMO.

      BSU still has a legitimate arguement. I undertstand Ohio State to a point, but the Orange Bowl; are you kidding me?????
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