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Barry Sanders Jr as a Freshman in HS

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  • Barry Sanders Jr as a Freshman in HS

    I posted this in another thread, but I guess it didn't peak any interests.

    But here is a couple of videos of Barry Sanders Jr. as a Freshman this year in the playoffs. The first video is his 3 TD performance in the State Championship game.

    The Oklahoma High School Sports Express is the state's ONLY weekly high school sports show. The Express airs first on Sunday nights at 10:30 on FOX25 from August thru May and then replays multiple times during the week on local stations in Enid, Stillwater, Ponca City, Lawton, Broken Arrow, McAlester and on Pioneer DTV. The Express features student-athletes from 340 different schools competing in 25 sports on an average during each school year.

    Also check out this run. It is either the previous round or two rounds previous. His dad didn't enjoy his antics after the run, rumors say.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    What do ya'll think? Wish we could get him in Denver if he progresses anything like his Dad.
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    Weight loss needed for FGW = 120 lbs
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    second video didnt work right.


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      Sorry about that. It was working last night.

      Try this one.

      OHSSE video of Barry Sanders, Jr. scoring on a 64-yard reverse in the Oklahoma Class 2A State Semi-Finals. Sanders (a freshman at Heritage Hall High School)...

      If that doesn't work, click on the video underneath the main one in the first link.
      Personal goals: GOAL WEIGHT = 250lbs
      Weight loss needed for FGW = 120 lbs
      Weight lost so far: - 24 lbs


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        I've seen him on the sports here in okc a couple of times during the season. He should get better with more experience.

        Funny thing about Barry, i worked with some guys in Wichita Ks. who went to North H.S. with him, and his brother, and Barry's brother was TWICE the athlete that he was, and Barry was pretty average in High School. He was turned down by Nebraska, OU, quite a few other schools until OSU gave him a chance. Ya never know!
        sigpicoh YEAH?


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          If Barry Junior is as good as his father was, then we'll have another exciting RB in NFL in few years... I'm quite excited about that, since Barry Sanders was one of my fave players...


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            Wow, I saw a lot of his dad in the running style. Pretty cool.


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              Is there a salivating emoticon??

              I can just hear the speakers in Boone Pickens Stadium now....

              "99 yard touchdown run by BARRY SANDERS!!!!"

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              I'm UNDEFEATED at Broncos games!!!!

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