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Naval Academy tells Kettani he can't go to NFL

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  • Naval Academy tells Kettani he can't go to NFL

    The Navy Academy has told Eric Kettani that he cannot go to the NFL. Link below.

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    Bummer. This happen to some guy from the lions a year ago too. I mean, c'mon....its the Navy...unless hes a seal (which i doubt) then hes good


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      Service Academy Commitment

      I agree with the fact that he knew up front that upon graduation from Anapolis he would have a five year Navy commitment. But five years from now what team is going to want a rusty 27 year old rookie? His only chance is if the Navy would be willing to convert him to Reserve status. Even then a NFL team would have to agree to let him go out-of-pocket one weekend each month and two weeks each summer for Reserve drill. It would be his only chance.


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        If Kerrani want to play in the NFL he should not have gone to the Academy. If Staubach (Sp) had to wait it out then he should have to do the same.
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          when will naval academy students learn that if they want to go to the nfl after college, they shouldn't sign a freaking contract to go into the navy after college! these kids have no right to complain.


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            That does suck. But he did make a commitment. The Naval Academy held up theirs to him, only fair he be held to his to them.
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              if cale cant

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