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  • Heisman Predictions?

    Who do you guys think will win the Heisman?

    I hope, and think Colt McCoy will.

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    Im going with Pike


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      I really enjoy watching Pike play, hes a great player.
      I use Cinci when i play Ncaa Football 10.


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        I'm a Texas homer to the bone, and McCoy isn't winning the Heisman.

        Pike if he keeps playing well...

        Hooray, beer!


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          i don't know about a Heisman but the highlights i saw of Tyrod Taylor on ESPN today,looked pretty good.
          I really like Cheese.


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            McCoy. What the hell is a Pike?
            sigpicoh YEAH?


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              I'm throwing a dark horse out there - Golden Tate of Notre Dame. If he can put up the numbers he did in the last 2 games, and do it against USC, I think he pops up on the Heisman radar.

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                Originally posted by Axemaster
                McCoy. What the hell is a Pike?
                a better QB


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                  Jahvid Best is my pick to win the Heisman this year.
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                    Jake Locker if not then Jimmy Clausen


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                      I know KU can't lose to keep his name in consideration but here's an interesting take on Todd Reesing. (I know all these guys below played in the NC)

                      Tuesday top five: Todd Reesing would be a better Heisman winner than these guys


                      By J. Brady McCollough - Posted on 13 October 2009

                      As a second-year Heisman Trophy voter, I can't say that I have a defined method of filling out my ballot. But Kansas coach Mark Mangino said something yesterday during the Big 12 teleconference that kind of explains the way I feel and have always felt about the award when he asked people to "just watch" KU quarterback Todd Reesing.

                      What he means is that the guys considered for the Heisman shouldn't just be statistical wonders or quarterbacks surrounded by great talent who are just distributors. To me, the best player is the one that has the ability to make your jaw drop time and time again. When it comes to the Heisman, I'm a Reggie Bush guy, not a Matt Leinart guy.

                      For our weekly "Tuesday top five," I decided I would look at Heisman winners from my lifetime of watching the game (around 1991) and list the five guys that I think don't beat Reesing on the eye test.

                      5. Eric Crouch, Nebraska, 2001 winner: I never really thought Eric Crouch was that good. It bothered me that the guy could barely complete a pass. The reason he won the Heisman was because he was the quarterback of an incredibly overrated Huskers team that played for the national championship. Reesing could be considered more of a dual-threat QB than Crouch ever was with his ability to buy time with his feet and throw darts but also gain yards running the ball when he has to. Crouch is at the bottom of this list because he did have two Heisman moments his senior year: The touchdown catch against Oklahoma and the long touchdown run at Notre Dame.

                      4. Matt Leinart, USC, 2004 winner: Gee, how much did Leinart have to do to look good behind a mammoth offensive line and with Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith around him? He was obviously a gifted player, but Leinart road the coattails of much more talented players – that has been proven by their NFL fortunes.

                      3. Jason White, Oklahoma, 2003 winner: This one has always bothered me. Jason White from Tuttle, Okla., coming off two ACL surgeries, beats out Pittsburgh wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald? Really? No, really? Fitzgerald was the best player in the country, and it wasn’t even close. Todd Reesing is two times the playmaker Jason White was in Norman.

                      2. Gino Torretta, Miami, 1992 winner: Another statue in the pocket, Gino Torretta took advantage of a roster full of NFL talent to take home the prize. Torretta was on the last of the Canes’ teams that was breaking rules and hadn’t been caught. As for the eye test (keep in mind I was 10 years old), I don’t remember him doing anything all that outstanding along the way to the Heisman. He certainly wasn’t a playmaker and didn’t have to be.

                      1. Chris Weinke, Florida State, 2000 winner: I grew up a Florida State fan and actually rooted for Chris Weinke. Saw a lot of his games. All I really need to remind myself of is the day during his sophomore year where he threw six interceptions – SIX! – against North Carolina State. Weinke played professional baseball for a few years before returning to football at Florida State. He truly didn’t have to do much. Just get the ball to Peter Warrick and Travis Minor and let them do the rest. I would bet my house that Reesing has 10 plays from his career that outshine any play that Weinke made at Florida State.
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