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Oh god not another Rivers

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  • Oh god not another Rivers

    Vols offer Rivers
    Monday, October 12, 2009 | Print Entry

    Posted by JC Shurburtt
    There is another Rivers in Alabama and one SEC program has already stepped forward with a scholarship offer. Class of 2011 ESPNU150 Watch List prospect Stephen Rivers (Athens, Ala./Athens) is the younger brother of San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and has many of the same attributes his older brother does. The 6-foot-6, 200-pounder is a tall pocket passer and even has a similar release.
    "When I went up to Tennessee, they told me I threw the ball just like (Philip)," Stephen Rivers said.
    The Vols were the first to step in with a written scholarship offer.
    "I was really excited about getting it," Rivers said. "When you get that first one, it really means a lot to you. I had the chance to go up there (for the Vols game with Auburn) a couple of weeks ago and I liked it a lot up on Rocky Top."
    Auburn, Alabama and others are showing attention to Rivers, who does have a geographic preference early in his recruitment.
    "I would rather stay in the area, in the South," he said. "It's just close to my home."
    So far this season, the younger Rivers has thrown for 1,500 yards, 15 touchdowns and just three interceptions for his team.
    "I try to make smart decisions in the passing game and I will sneak in a run every now and then," he said. "I can escape every once in a while."
    Rivers added that he has benefited from working out with his older brother and his father, Steve Rivers, who is the quarterbacks coach for his high school team.
    "It helps a lot," Stephen said. "I was around football a whole lot growing up with my dad being a coach and all. (Philip) watched some of my tapes and was pointing out some things I can do better."
    Hopefully he's nothing like his brother.

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    Originally posted by Broncosojia

    Hopefully he's nothing like his sister.
    fixed that for ya.


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      6'6?! Man thats tall.
      Whats in the water down there in Alabama


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        I hope we get him and make him even better then Phillis without him having to sit on the benches for 2 years and have him kick his big sisters ass twice year.


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          Let him go to Oakland or Kansas City so we can beat Rivers 4 times in the regular season. This kid will learn a lot from uncle Orton. But seriously, if this guy honors his brother's skills, I would love to have him in Denver.


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            Originally posted by 13roncotime
            6'6?! Man thats tall.
            Whats in the water down there in Alabama
            I was going say same thing. Gotta be the water lol