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Jasper Howard of UConn Killed

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  • Jasper Howard of UConn Killed

    A University of Connecticut football player died Sunday following a stabbing after an on-campus dance, hours after the team’s victory over Louisville.

    Twenty-year-old Jasper Howard of Miami, a junior and starting cornerback, and a second person were stabbed during a fight early Sunday after someone pulled a fire alarm during a dance at the UConn Student Union, police said. The dance was not related to the game, police said.

    Sunday afternoon, police were still looking for the perpetrator.

    “We’re actively following investigative leads,” said Major Ronald Blicher of the UConn Police, when asked if authorities have a suspect.

    UConn students were being advised to be cautious, but Blicher said police do not believe the incident was a random act of violence.

    University President Michael Hogan told The Associated Press the stabbing is a tragedy for the entire university community.

    “I was in the locker room after the game yesterday. It was such a joyous moment,” Hogan said. “To go from that game and such a victory to the developments at 12:30 last night is such a tragedy.”

    Police cordoned off the crime scene near the Storrs university’s well-known Gampel Pavilion basketball arena.

    Blicher said two groups were involved in the fight.

    UConn police said one of their officers was approached on Hillside Road around 12:33 a.m. and told that a stabbing had occurred. Police found Howard and another person with stab wounds, university police said in a statement. The name of the second person was not immediately released.

    Both were taken by ambulance to Windham Community Memorial Hospital. Howard was later airlifted by Lifestar helicopter to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, where he died from his injuries, police said. The second person was treated and released from Windham hospital.

    Howard made a key move in Saturday’s game, forcing a fumble just as Louisville was about to score. The Huskies were up 21-13 at the time. They later won 38-25. Following the game, Howard, who led the Big East in punt returns last season, talked to the AP about the play.

    “I felt my hand go on the ball and I felt that I had a chance to get it out. I just stripped it out. It was a big play. We needed it,” he said.

    Hogan, the university president, said the school was arranging for Howard’s mother to come to Connecticut.

    “It’s such a tragedy. All I can say is how sorry we all are and how sad we all are that something like this happened in the middle of our campus,” Hogan said.

    UConn police were working with a major crime squad of the state police on the case. Hogan said about 40 officers were involved.

    Sad story

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    This is such a sad story.


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      Its hard for athletes to go out in public. Everyone is jealous and gunning for them, something has to change culturaly.


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        Damn how tragic is that... How the hell do punks and murderers like that get into these kinds of Universities?


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          It's a dang shame that stuff like this happens. I watched the press conference that the punter did and how he talked about what this kid went through where he grew up. To survive and make it out of Miami to get to UCONN where you honestly wouldn't think something like this could happen. I guess it goes to show you that no where is immune to idiots.

          My heart goes out to the family and teammates of this young athlete.


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            That is really sad. I feel for his family