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And the NEW Head Coach of the USC Trojans is...

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    lol riots on the strip . . . i love this school


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      Originally posted by The Hamburgler
      I know the one and only reason that he left Tennessee...

      He didn't want to get his butt kicked by Urban Meyer year in and year out after running his mouth last off season.
      lmao, Kiffin would have destroyed Florida in Neyland next year.
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        lets get muschamp or patterson!!!!

        Although losing Lane Kiffin to USC might sting the Volunteers for a few days, Tennessee will be much better off in the long run, Mark Schlabach writes.


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          Originally posted by GridironChamp
          Absolutely a great hire... Anyone watching Tenn this year compared to last knows
          they got better, imagine what Kiffin can do with USC.

          And it's not like he doesn't have ties there people...
          we were def better but idk how much of that had to do with lane as much as monte, our offense while better could be due to getting our #1 reciever back and another year under mr inCROMPatent who played well against bad teams but still made some costly mistakes for us

          now did i like lane, sure i loved his attitude here, but it was needed with florida and bama getting top recruits he had to put tthe spot light on UT, i also think he will do well at USC, but he wont need that attitude there competing with the PAC-10.

          i think UT can get a better coach though hopefully in Muschamp or Patterson, the thing that hurts us the most is the timing, Orgeron has been calling UT commitees telling them not to attend classes today to make the switch to USC easier, weve already lost 4-6 top recruits i think which really hurts


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            Originally posted by chazoe60
            College football in general is becoming a cesspool. From coaches to school presidents who only care about the money. The kids are the ones who get screwed.

            From the Kiffens to Boise State going undefeated twice without ever sniffing a NC game, college football is quickly losing all credibility.
            I will always like college football better than the NFL because I've been a fan longer of college football! But your first statement is correct, college football needs to figure out something because these coaches get off too easy. I believe a player, up to their 3rd year as a player, should be able to transfer to a different school in DI football without penalty of sitting out the first year, IF and ONLY IF, the coach who recruits him quits (not retire or get fired) to pursue a job at another school without completing his contract. The kids are the ones who get screwed!!

            BTW, I was listening to ESPN radio and they said the newly committed recruits to USC were dropping like flies and pursuing other schools. I wonder if Kiffin has that much persuasion to get them back! Oh well, Kiffin would have sucked in the SEC anyway!!


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              "I'm really looking forward to embracing all the traditions here at USC. Like the stabbing of the sword in the ground before the games, being ranked undeservedly high in the preseason polls, and losing to at least one un-ranked team we should beat thus costing us a chance at the NC and Pac 10".

              The dudes a fool. Im just glad because now USC is really gonna suck.
              LET 'ER BUCK!!!
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                Originally posted by HurricaneDovs
                The dudes a fool. Im just glad because now USC is really gonna suck.
                Umm, have you seen the coordinators he's bringing with him?