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  • Rival's All-Decade Team posted their college football all-decade team.

    QB- Tim Tebow, Florida 2006-2009
    RB- Darren McFadden, Arkansas 2005-2007
    RB- Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma 2004-2006
    WR- Larry Fitzgerald, Pitt 2002-2003
    WR- Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech 2007-2008
    TE- Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma 2006-2009
    T- Jake Long, Michigan 2004-2007
    T- Bryant McKinnie, Miami 2000-2001
    G- Andre Gurode, Colorado 2000-2001
    G- Steve Hutchinson, Michigan 2000
    C- LeCharles Bentley, Ohio State 2000-2001

    DE- David Pollack, Georgia 2001-2004
    DT- Tommy Harris, Oklahoma 2001-2003
    DT- Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska 2006-2009
    DE- Terrell Suggs, Arizona State 2000-2002
    LB- AJ Hawk, Ohio State 2002-2005
    LB- Derrick Johnson, Texas 2001-2004
    LB- Patrick Willis, Ole Miss 2003-2006
    CB- Antoine Cason, Arizona 2004-2007
    CB- Carlos Rogers, Auburn 2001-2004
    FS- Ed Reed, Miama 2000-2001
    SS- Roy Williams, Oklahoma 2000-2001

    Special Teams-
    K- Billy Bennett, Georgia 2000-2003
    P- Daniel Sepulveda, Baylor 2003-2006
    KR- CJ Spiller, Clemson 2006-2009
    PR- Wes Welker, Texas Tech 2000-2003
    All-Purpose- Reggie Bush, USC 2003-2005

    Program of the Decade- USC
    Coach of the Decade- Urban Meyer, Florida
    Team of the Decade- Miami of 2001

    What do you guys think? Any shockers, guys who should have been added instead?

    Thanks Blondie79!
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    "Oh Mercy"PERCY HARVIN

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    I'm a little surprised Devin Hester wasn't one of the kick returners. I don't even remember hearing about Welker when he was at TT. Hester got alot of attention for his returning ability. In fact I'd say thats the main reason Chicago drafted him.

    But thats just me.
    LET 'ER BUCK!!!
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      ya, hester definitely belongs on that list ahead of welker. that entire list is terrible. vince young should be qb instead of tebow. reggie bush should be runningback instead of mcfadden. calvin johnson OBVIOUSLY should be ahead of crabtree. terrence newman should be one of the cornerbacks.


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        or at least spiller, if not bush. both of them were miles ahead of mcfadden


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          How in the Hell does Crabtree make it ove Calvin Johnson? That is ridiculous.

          I was happy to see David Pollack on the list, that guy was so awesome in college. He was like the energizer bunny. It was sad to see an injury cut his pro career short.
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            VY should have been the QB. MAYBE Leinart. The Calvin Johnson snub is stupid.

            Joe Thomas got snubbed. Vilma got snubbed.

            Hooray, beer!


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              Originally posted by CoryWinget81
              VY should have been the QB. MAYBE Leinart. The Calvin Johnson snub is stupid.

              Joe Thomas got snubbed. Vilma got snubbed.
              The question "is the writer a Sooner homer?" begs to be asked....
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