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Good enough proof to get these two

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  • Good enough proof to get these two

    Like it or not this team, our Denver Broncos are rebuilding under Josh McDaniels.
    His faith is not in Tom Branstater, so thats good enough reason to draft another rookie QB after cutting Simms.

    After watching the Senior Bowl in if you didn't see it here's the Highlight. The Two stars are two good players the broncos can get 2-3 round.
    Brandon Graham with or with out Doom should be draft he was the MVP in the bowl with 5 tackles and 2 sacks. If we keep doom move Graham to back up Haggan cut Reid.
    The second star of the bowl was much popular Dan LeFevour who proved he's is as good as he is.(some believe he's not good playing in the mac)

    Both players can be drafted by Denver with or with out Orton,Doom,Marshall.
    Draft Graham 2nd Dan 4th. Use the other picks to help the D-line. Shop free agent's for O-line needs or trade.

    *Note: bashing me for this does not change how I think of the players listed nor my thought on drafting them.
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    I think we would look good with Tony Pike...


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      wooo dan lefevour! and tony pike is literally going to get broken in half the first time he gets hit by an nfl defensive end


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        Dan LeFevour ..

        ...may move ahead of Tebow.

        He's already ranked as a third rounder and might even sneak into the end of the second.

        People who downgrade the MAC don't know their subject matter as well as they should.

        LeFevour will probably be the 4th or 5th QB drafted.
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